When the boys come a knocking.

Jason, Anna, and Brittany are 3 best friends who are in a boring, old school. But things start to spice up a little bit when 5 new students start school!


5. Anna is suspicous...

Anna's P.O.V.

  After about 10 minutes passing by, Niall and Jason finally walked back inside. But there was something odd gonig on... They were looking at each other smiling and I could've sworn I saw them holding hands right before they walked inside.

 I dove out of my seat, as soon as Jason sat down to question him, but then the bell rang and he ran off with Niall.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on but I'm going to the bottom of this...



It was time for lunch and I was getting stuff out of my locker when Brit ran over. I was to busy staring at Niall and Jason to notice, and I was startled when she had said hello.

"Hey, what are you looking at?" she had said.

"Jason and Niall. There is something going on that they're not telling us..." I had told her. At that she had an amazed look in her face like she hadn't noticed at all. She probably didn't see anything at all.. She's a little blonde in the brain sometimes. But I love her anyway. Well back to what we were originally talking about.

"Maybe they just sorta hit off and they're just really good friends?"

"I suspected that at first, but it can't be. No one can hit it off that well in one day."

"Me and you did..."

"Well we're us."


"Well let's go to lunch and we can question people all we want there."

And we walked off.


We all had the same lunch so we all sat together but instead of sitting next to  me and Brittany, Jason sat next to me... and Niall. There really is something going on. After we all grab our lunch I turn to Jason.

"Jason, a word please?" I say as nicely as I can.

"One se..." I didn't have enough patience to wait for him to answer. So I grabbed his ear and dragged him as far away from the table as possible.

"OWWW! ANNA WHAT THE FU..." I covered his mouth. This boy really needs to know when to shut the fuck up.

"I'm going to take my hand off your mouth now. When I do, tell me everything that is going on between you and Niall. Okay?" He nodded, so I took my hand off.

"We're just really good friends. That's all. I guess we hit it off pretty well." Does he think I'm Brittany? I'm not going to fall for this load of shit!

"Okay. Now tell me what really is going on."

"Damn it! That would've worked on Brittany..." My thought exactly.

"Now tell me what is really going on."

"Fine. I'll show you."

"How the fuck are you going to sho..." He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the table.

What happened next caught me completely by surprise. He grabbed Niall and he kissed him in front of everyone. It looked like it caught Niall by surprise too, but after a second Niall leaned into it.

I looked Jason straight in the eye and yelled. "YOU TWO ARE DATING?!?!?!!?"

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