Little did I know

Lauren Xeni Aliaciah was and now is Louis Tomlinson's best friend again. will they end up being more than friends?


3. The Show

at exactly 6:00 the show started and ellen promptly came out to say hi and introduce the boys. as they came out i noticed that lou was wearing suspenders exactly like mine but larger and not as worn out. the boys didn't exactly look at the front row but zayn did, it was funny because he did a double take when he saw my suspenders. He had to take a look at Lou's suspenders then at mine to make sure he wasn't seeing things. once he knew he wasn't seeing things he nudged harry and pointed me and my friends out, he wispered something im his ear that i couldn't make out over the screams but harry's eyebrows went up in confusion then in suprise.

Through out the interview Zayn and Harry were looking at me and my friends like they had an idea or a plan.

about halfway through the interview Ellen sujusted that the boys play a game with the fans.

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