Little did I know

Lauren Xeni Aliaciah was and now is Louis Tomlinson's best friend again. will they end up being more than friends?


4. The Pre-Game

Ellen anounces that she is going to pick a group of girls to come up on stage and help her with this game. she points over in our direction starting with maddie and going to anna, and so down the row ending with me, of course. when the two boys saw that i was in the group coming up to help Ellen the grinned misceviously from ear to ear.

" so we have suspenders, Pollo shirt, Blazer, Varsity Jacket, and kaki pants girls, what are your names?" questioned Ellen

"well I'm Bailey thats Anna, Maddie, Hope, And Lauren." explained Bailey, pointing to the correct girl.

let me tell you who's wearing what Bailey is Varsity Jacket, Anna is Blazer, Maddie is Kaki Pants, Hope is Pollo Shirt and of course I Lauren am Suspenders.

" so Lauren we, Meaning me and harry can't help but notice that you are wearing the same type of suspenders as Lou, A large couincidence, eh." put in Zayn.

" no, no big coincidence at all Zayn. " i exclaimed letting my Doncaster accent break through my american one." if their was then these girls would of comented on it, and well they haven't so sorry."

all of the girls, Boys and Ellens eyes got bigger with every word i said because well no one knew that i was british except form my parents.

Of course Lou reconized my accent imediatly after the initial shock wore off. " Xeni is that you?" questioned Lou.

"Why don't you check my suspenders Lou then maybe you will know?"

So Lou checked my suspenders, he then hugged me from behind seeing as he found his own name on my/ his suspenders.


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