Little did I know

Lauren Xeni Aliaciah was and now is Louis Tomlinson's best friend again. will they end up being more than friends?


1. Me

Hi my name is Lauren Xeni Aliciah, most people call me Lauren but my best friend used to call me Xeni. my name might sound weird or look weird when i write it but its mine. when i was ten i had to leave my bestfriend, we lived in doncaster england. every one knew us as the two laughatears. well musckateres but we were always laughing. i live with my mom,dad, 3 brothers, 6 sisters and 3 cousins. our house hold is pretty busy, you must be wondering, i'm 18 and i'm the youngest out of EVERYBODY. i have dark carmel colored hair that goes down to my mid thigh. i have a perfect smile due to 4 years of braces and T.A.D.S. My best friends Maddie, Anna, Hope, and Bailey are hard core directioners. They always get mad at me because i point out things that change with the boys over time since we found out a bout them. I have unique fashion sense just like my best friend, i wear suspenders all the time with striped shirts. The girls think that i like louis, and like all of them don't even know the boys. I never could rack up the nerve to tell them about lou because i was the bestfriend of a celebrity for the first ten years of his life. When i left he gave me a pair of suspenders that i keep in a box in my closet i wear them on special occasions like the one coming up.

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