Little did I know

Lauren Xeni Aliaciah was and now is Louis Tomlinson's best friend again. will they end up being more than friends?


2. It

Now i live in the united states and i love my life. My friends are uber rich so the were able to buy us tickets to see one direction on ellen. May i add front row seats it was exciting but also scary. What if lou didn't remember me ? It was possible since we moved when i was 10, lou is two years older than me to date.

Its the morning of ellen and me and my friends ae getting dressed. I made sure to wear lous suspenders just in case he noticed me. It was 5:00 in the morning so they were all very tired because they couldn't go to sleep because they were so excited, i on the other hand fell right asleep because i wook up at 3:00 am yesterday fretting. I simply put my hair in a fishtaid braid that wrapped around the back of my head, just like i used to wear it in doncaster. The studie was thirty minutes away so we left at 5:05 to make sue we got there before it started.

When we arrived at the studio it was crowded with directioners and fans of all sorts. When we got to our sears i noticed that we were right infront of where the boys were going to sit. This was going to be a long two hours.
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