My crush next door

Lexi's New best friend isn't exactly who she says she is.. When will Lexi find out the truth that her Celebrity Crush is her best friends brother!


1. Lexi May William

Lexi May William

Age: 17

Best friend - Tori Rose Graves 16

Parents - Step Dad - Tomas David Witherington
               Mum - Grace Marie William

Siblings - Kate Louise William 24
             - Sarah Lee William 21

I have Blonde/brown hair and Blue eyes

England, Northampton UK is my home town

Likes: I love Horse riding, Swimming, Dancing and Singing (but im not very good)

Dislikes: Players, Cheaters, Mushrooms

I wouldn't call myself a girly girl but I am one of those girls who never grew out of the 'I love horses faze'! I have lived in Northampton, England all my life. I live with my parents and middle sister, I'm the youngest unfortunately. My older sister Kate now lives over in Australia with her husband Jamie and their 8 month old son, Harry. I have never had a boyfriend because trust me if you went to my school you would understand why...

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