My crush next door

Lexi's New best friend isn't exactly who she says she is.. When will Lexi find out the truth that her Celebrity Crush is her best friends brother!


6. Chapter 4: Brother?

2 weeks later

I woke up to the annoying sound of my phone nearly vibrating off of my bedside table. I didn’t bother looking at the caller ID, it wasn’t hard to guess who it was. “Hello there Lay-” I was saying before I got cut off “Come Over, NOW!” Layla said, yelling as if I'm 100 metres away “ok, ok just don’t yell, it’s too early” I replied groaning “Fine, but be quick” she said giggling, before I could even reply the line went dead. I can’t believe she hung up on me. I thought jokingly to myself as I dragged my bones out of bed. Layla and I had become quite good friends, we have been together quite a bit the past 2 weeks staying up most of the night watching movies and talking about how hot Channing Tatum and Alex Petrefur looked in magic mike.  

I opened my door to be blinded by the sun beaming though the windows making the house floors nice and warm to walk on. Before doing anything I flicked the kettle on and decided I should probably have a look at what monster I looked like this morning, if anyone in the house wasn’t awake before, they certainly were now.

“Yuck, this look is the worse, I look terrible, would be good for Halloween though” I said quietly while trying to brush though all the nots in my half damp hair from last nights shower.

I had just finished putting my hair into a messy bun when the kettle clicked off, I quickly poured a nice warm mocha then walked to my room and grabbed my blue stripy bathers, a pair of denim shorts and a baggie top and got changed quickly as I knew patience wasn’t a strong point for Layla.

Grabbing my warm mocha and phone off of the bench and locked the door behind me as I walked the very short walk that I did almost every day, up my driveway and down to Layla’s house.

I opened her front door to be strangely attacked by a very over excited girl, I was about to ask her why she woke me up so god damn early to have my ear drums blown by her high pitched scream “GUESS WHAT?!” she yelled jumping with joy, before I could even guess she screamed again and yelled to the world.

“MY BROTHER IS COMING TO STAY, oh and his friends”

Wait, her brother? And friends?  All I knew was he was with some friends in London for school.     




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