My crush next door

Lexi's New best friend isn't exactly who she says she is.. When will Lexi find out the truth that her Celebrity Crush is her best friends brother!


3. Chapter 2: The Friendship

Around 12 I heard a furniture truck drive in next door, crap I thought to myself I forgot about the basket of goodies for our new neighbours.

 I went to my room and put my iPod on shuffle while I got changed and did my hair as I wanted to make a good first impression, as they are everything I thought to myself while I was singing my heart out to She’s So Mean by Matchbox Twenty in front of the mirror.

As soon as the song was over I grabbed my phone and the basket of goodies, I so wanted to eat the whole thing.

It pretty much took about 2 minutes to get next door. I walked down the drive way hoping to god that they would be nice.

I look up to see a girl probably my age juggling 3 boxes of things “Oh would you like help?” I quickly asked as I placed the basket on a nearby table.

“That would be great, Thanks, follow me” She said smiling while I grabbed the top box off her tower.
We placed the boxes on the floor in a room with a mattress and a bookshelf.

“My brother has so much more stuff then me! How does that work?” she said jokingly with a giggle.

“I’m Lexi, Lexi Williams I'm your new neighbour” I said with a smile as we walked back outside.

“I’m Layla H-h-h-Woran, nice to meet you.” She said as she went to grab another box.

“Oh, this goodie basket is for you it’s a welcome to the neighbourhood gift it’s from my mum.” I said passing it to Layla.

“Oh thanks.” She smiled, taking the basket from me as her mum appeared from around the corner.

“Mum, this is our neighbour Lexi, her mum made this gift basket for us as a welcome.” She said turning to her mum.

“It’s nice to meet you Mrs Woran” I said kindly, she had a kind of puzzled look on her face.

“Nice to meet you too dear”

“well I better leave you both to unpack and settle in, I'm sure I’ll see you around” I said as I started to walk away up the driveway.

“You’ll have to come over for a swim sometime Lexi” Mrs Woran said in a lovely tone.

“what about tomorrow Mum?” Layla ask her mum with a smile.

“Sure, But you’ll have to clean it, not sure how long it’s been since it’s been used” replied Mrs Woran. Layla and I just grind, I knew we were going to be great friends.

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