My crush next door

Lexi's New best friend isn't exactly who she says she is.. When will Lexi find out the truth that her Celebrity Crush is her best friends brother!


2. Chapter 1: The beginning

It was finally the first day of the summer holidays, I was looking forward to sleeping in but my body had a different idea. I looked out my window to see the rising sun, I’m so not a morning person, wake me up and I’ll kill you. I laid in my bed looking up at the ceiling and thought to myself this is horrible the first day I get to sleep in and I'm getting up with the sun! Eventually I got up even though I loved my sleep I hated laying around and being lazy all day. So I went to the kitchen knowing mum would be rushing around getting ready for work. I walked around the dining table and sat on a stool by the bench top.

“Good morning daring” mum said just as she missed her mouth and poured coffee down her work top, you would think that she would learn considering she does it most mornings when she’s in a rust.

I quickly got a damp towel and tired to wipe some of it off but it wouldn’t work so mum gave up and went to change to a clean top “I’ll be back” she said as she disappear around the corner.

I turned around to see a big basket of goodies on the bench hoping it was for me, I stared rumbling through it to see what was in it, chocolate oh I think yes! I thought to myself.

Mum came around the corner and lightly slapped my hand “don’t eat anything out of there, it’s a welcoming basket for the new neighbours they are moving into the house next door, I’ll like you to take it over when they are there” mum said with a serious tone in her voice as she gave me a kiss on the cheek as she was leaving for work.

“Fine” I smiled, I was actually quite excited to see who would be moving in next door. Ever since it sold 3 weeks ago, I was hoping a tall blonde or brown haired boy with blue eyes and an adorably cute smile would move in with his family.. Not pickie or anything. I giggled to myself.

I was coming back inside from waving goodbye to mum, “Gypsy!” I yelled out the front door, watching this little football size dog bolt though the door and jump from couch to couch in the lounge room “You stupid dog” I said laughing at the dog like it was even going to reply.

Being up this early meant I had to find something to do until my middle sister, Sarah got up so she could tell me all about her night. It was her and her boyfriend Ryan’s 1 year anniversary, so Ryan took her on a date.

Out of my 2 older sisters, Sarah and I were the closest, ever since Kate, the oldest moved to live in Australia with her Husband, Jamie and there 8 months old Son, Harry. I always laugh when I hear his name, it reminded me of Harry Styles from One Direction.

Ah, those boys are so amazingly good looking! I started day dreaming about how over whelming it would be to meet them, especially Niall, his eyes are beautiful and his teeth are so cute. I quickly snapped out of it when I heard Sarah’s bedroom door open.

I stood in the kitchen with quite a huge smile on my face waiting for Sarah to appear around the corner “wow, you look like death” I said with quite a laugh she just glared and poked her tongue out. “I guess someone had a good night?” I said with a giggle as she walked to the kitchen to grab some aspirin and a glass of water.

I waited for the 2 aspirin to kick in before Sarah told me anything about her night, I swear she made me wait longer then needed. We sat for hours curled up on the couch with a hot coffee and blanket and Sarah told me everything about her date with Ryan. I wish someday I could have a relationship like theirs.

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