Saving you

Hugo is astudent that just got out of college and is studying about nature and the supernatural. Until, one day he meets this beautiful girl but there is on problem ... She's a mermaid. The scientist want to examine her . How mush trouble will he go through the save her?


1. Selfish boy!!

As the deen is calling out people who are graduating Harvard University  he calls out lastly " And with the highest marks out of the class with 995 points out of a possible 1000 our very own boy genius ..Hugo Smith!!". A round of applause and tears for Hugo as he came to get his depiloma he had a smile but had dissapointment in his eyes. Hugo was a tall,pale boy. He wasn't the most popular boy in school in fact he never had a friend in his life. Even in college he would rather sit down with a book then even try to talk to his peers. An emotional  woman can up to him and squealled with delight shouthing " Oh , my god! Your amazing! And a boy genius you are. I'm so proud of you". Then the deen came over saying to him " Well, done Hugo! You would of made your father proud ". Hugo father died when he was just a baby. He died in war. But, as everyone was praising Hugo, he just snaped saying " It's not great! I'm not ! I only got 995 out of 1000 points and yor saying I'm great ! Men fight for there lives every day . How come I didn't get those 5 points, huh?" . The deen's tone became more serious as he said " Well, son. It was just spelling . That's it! You know how those professor's are. You see now ,son!". I guess the deen was just trying to came him down , but Hugo shouted "Ya! And why do you keep callin me son! your not my dad!! Well of coure you fancy my mother because she let all the sleezy men into our house! The stupid slut didn't even know that some were abusing me!!". Hugo's mother stopped him shouting "Hugo, that's enough!". Without any care he just said "You know what , Screw You guys!!"and he just walked off. As he was walking off a student said "Hay, dude! whats uP?!" .Hugo just shouted "Fuck of , loser!" . The student just mumbled curse words. "I'm so sorry! His never like this" his mother said to the deen . The deen just said before she went to get hugo "His a deluded boy! Think the world revovles around numbers! Selfish boy!". When she found Hugo in his room he was curled up in a ball on his bed crying. She said in a normal yet condescing voice " Hay! whatcha doing?". He turned around and didn't answer. She was annoyied by saying "Wow" under her voice and changed the subject "So where's your roommate?". Hugo said "Nobody!". His mother shouted " Well, if you weren't such a BRAT you would have a roommate?". Hugo stayed curled up and she said "Sorry! did those men really abuse you". Hugo just gave a simple "Ya! but it's alright it was just verble not physical!". Then  he just started crying and said "Do you realise that I never had a friend? bestfriend ? a girlfriend? And I'm still a virgin? ". She said in a nice sweet voice "Honey, you time will come , you'll see!". Hugo smiled as  she kissed him on top of the head and she said in a happy tone " So , did you get any jobs ? Any options?". And he said " Well, they board of science and maths want me to work at a place." His mother was shocked but in a good way " Baby, thats great!" But then he said " But it's in Calfornia."  Her face went pale "but I won't see you? But I guess thats what a child leaving means.Spreading there wings and flying away". He said quickly "But I have no money?" . His mother said "I'll pay". He smiled and knew that his life would be starting right about now.


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