Book one of Luna Lippmann Series: The Labyrinth

To her terror, Luna Lippmann's childhood fear has come to life. Can she escape the maze and be back with her family, or be trapped forever?


2. Trapped or Strawberry Bon~Bons, you chose.

Luna walked on, using a long stick as a cane, making her limp bigger to show her pain. A laugh coming from the fog made her heart freeze for a few seconds untill now she didn't know how much she can shake off and conqure. A sizzle coming from the fog, brightened it, making it seem like a huge cloud of fire. A girl with brown hair and green eyes, same height walked out of the fire and stood oposite her. Face to face. Luna realised.... She was the girl.

The girl opened her mouth and breathed two words... "Theeee Shhhhadow!"

Luna flung her eyes open to find herself staring up at a beautiful, clear, blue sky in her back garden. Lying on a plastic deck chair. "Luna!" Her mother called, coming out into the sun shine, holding a bowl full of strawberry bon bons. Perfect! Luna thought. Being here, with her family was one thing. Being here, with her family and strawberry bon bons were another.

The End.

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