Book one of Luna Lippmann Series: The Labyrinth

To her terror, Luna Lippmann's childhood fear has come to life. Can she escape the maze and be back with her family, or be trapped forever?


1. Luna Lippmann, which way?

Luna Lippmann had a fear. This fear had been growing inside of her ever since she was a four years old. Thinking, worrying about it was one thing. Being chased by it was another.  As she suddenly found herself, surronded by tall leafy walls, "A maze!" She gasped.

The night was dark, with only the moon to light the way, Luna Lippmann walked, knowing if she didn't get out soon, she'd be in trouble. She didn't know what kind, just big, deep trouble.

Something suddenly grabbed Luna's foot, dragging her down. She screamed, kicking. With one kick she pulled herself out, picking herself us stood still and looked behind her, the walls closing, so no mice, hamsters, not even a drip of water could get though, she ran till it started to hurt, and even then she didn't stop. Her lungs aching and her throat screamed in agane.

As the night edged on, Luna slowed down to catch her breath. She knew she couldn't stop completely. She needed to get out of there by sunrise! Otherwise... She might never see the sun again.

Must never stop! Luna told herself as she slowly trudged forward. She gave in and stopped, resting for what seemed seconds, suddenly knives started darting through the fog, she leeped toward a tree. A blade barely missed her leg. The pain was un-bearable, ', must ...never....stop' she thought as her eyes slowly closed as she fainted from the pain.

She blinked her eyes open, she stumbled as she tried to stand up. Her vison was blury and her head ached, nothing compared to the pain that was shooting through her leg. She sat down, her hand up to her head, when she released her hand from her head to reveal a deep red liquid, blood. She wiped off the blood on her hand and carried on walking. She winced as she put pressure on her leg.

'You are strong Luna!' A voice in her head told her, 'Go on, Champ!' a different voice told her, 'Hurry up! I'm eating you're strawberry Bon Bons!' These supportive voices were her family. Her Mum, Dad and Brother, Harry. Luna smiled to herself as these voices made a tear roll down her cheek. She stumbled, for her family.

Luna hadn't gotten used to the pain but carried on, Luna knew her fate... The Shadow will catch up with her, she'll die and never see her family, she heard a ghostly laugh that sent shivvers down her spine. She won't stop moving. She won't ever let The Shadow take her family away from her without a fight.

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