My Secret Crush

this is my first fan fiction, it might be a little weird but i don't have a description.. i am going to think as i go along and hope it comes out well.... <3


4. "Why Louis, Why?"

       my walk home was like I was floating home on a cloud, i couldn't get Louis out of my mind.. who was he? did he like me? i wasn't a very likeable person EVER in my life, no man ever wanted to be with me.. so why did he? why did such a beautiful man think i was useful enough to talk to? whatever the reason, i was glad.. when i got home it was around 4:30 and i figured i had to be at the park at like 7:00 so i went to my room to take a shower and pick my cloths... i decided to pick a Blue layered dress with a black belt in the middle and my toms, when i came downstairs i realized that is was 6:30 and I was almost late.. "Where are you going this late without dinner?" I didn't want to answer my mother's question because i was afraid she would say no.. "I uh, I'm going to get Ryan's toy.. he left it at the park." "alright hurry back." i headed out. Why did i lie to her? wouldn't she be happy for me for having my first date? whatever.

     I ran out of the house and ran down the street, when i arrived at the park it was completely empty. I sat down at the bench I sat on earlier.. and waited, waited, and waited. it was 8:00 and no one came.. i figured he was just late..he was coming.. waiting, waiting, it was now 8:45. He  isn't coming... i hoped it wasn't true but it was.. i couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face.. "He stood me up? but why?" "i thought he liked me.." I ran home feeling really angry with myself.. when i reached the house i realized how long i was gone and how much trouble i was going to be in. I opened the door and tried to sneak into my room when i heard.. "Anna get in here now!" "yes mom" I nervously went to her room.. "where's the toy?" "it um, wasn't there.." "so you needed to be there for 2 hours? why are you home so late... what were you really doing?

    I really didn't want to tell her i got stood up from my FIRST date but eventually she would find out anyway so what was the point...."i uh, met this guy at the park today with Ryan and he wanted to have a date tonight.. but he uh, stood me up." "you were going on a date and you didn't tell me?" "I got nervous, i though you'd say no.. but it doesn't matter anyways.. he wasn't there." she came over and hugged me really tight. "Well he just doesn't see how special you are." "yea i guess so.." i started to cry again, i kissed her goodnight and got dressed for bed.. i was still really upset. first i get stood up, and then Jess doesn't answer her text once again? does she not even want to be my friend anymore? i just wanted to go to bed and stay there... I needed sleep so i hopped into bed and fell asleep instantly. i was exhausted from running, and crying, and i had a HUGE headache.

    It was 3:30 am and once again, i woke up screaming.. "what now?" "what was my dream?" I couldn't even remember what it was so i went back to bed... I wa guessig it was about the mystery man again so i ignored it.. and fell into a deep sleep.    

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