My Secret Crush

this is my first fan fiction, it might be a little weird but i don't have a description.. i am going to think as i go along and hope it comes out well.... <3


1. "The Trip"

        "ouch!" i woke up from a sound sleep and found that i had flung myself off my bed. I had a dream, a strange one, it was odd. I couldn't grasp what the dream had actually been about at the moment, i was too tired. i looked at the clock and it read 3:45 am, "well, time to get up i guess". i jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom only to find an empty counter. i had forgot all my items were packed for out 5:00 flight to London. i quickly got dressed and headed downstairs to greet my parents, who seemed to have been struggling with their luggage. "Good Morning!" I said rather excited, i had always wanted to move to London and we finally got to do it with my Dad's new promotion in work. "Good Morning Anna" they seemed really frustrated with my little brother Ryan continuously crying.

     I Picked him up and held him close trying to stop the crying. "We have to go now" my dad said rather angry, i could tell he had no sleep. We made our way to my cousin's car as he waited to bring us to the airport. "man you guys look horrible" he said while giggling. "yeah, we got no sleep because of Ryan, he wouldn't stop crying because we packed his favorite blanket". "well hop in before you miss your flight!". We hopped in and made our way to the airport with continuous talking and Screaming from Ryan. We said our goodbyes to My cousin and ran to the check in booth. In little to no time we were on the next flight to London. I was so excited but sad at the same time because i knew i was leaving my best friend Jessica. I really hoped that she would be able to visit me as much as possible.

   "here we go, my dad said a it nervous. He hated plane rides and was a bit nervous. "don't worry Haha, how often do you hear about plane crashes?". i giggled. "i guess your right" he said sinking into his seat. The plane picked up off the ground and we were off... "what was that dream i had?" i was thinking about it for the first 2 hours of the flight. All i remembered was short flashed of me in a field of flowers. "oh Yea! I remember now!". I remembered what it was about. basically, i was sitting in a field all alone when i felt a tap on my shoulder. I Looked behind me to see a Fairly tall gentleman with beautiful eyes. "how do you do?" his lips were amazingly sexy, they were light pink and glistened in the light. "f..fine," was all i could make out, my eyes were drowned to his, "oh what wonderful blue eyes he had" i thought to myself. "would you like to take a walk with me?" oh his voice was like music to my ears, "of course I would"

   We walked around the field just gazing at each other for such a long time, then, all of a sudden.. a dark cloud came and This man started to fade away, "No!" i screamed grabbing him, he disappeared and that was it. The thought of the dream made me angry, why can't i have a boy in my life like the one in my dream? i had never really had a boyfriend before not counting the one i had in 1st grade that lasted 2 days. i needed a boyfriend, or at least I thought i did. as i was thinking about this i drifted into a sleep, wishing i had the same dream the night before, but sadly no. i was awakened by my Dad's relieved voice saying we had reached London.

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