My Secret Crush

this is my first fan fiction, it might be a little weird but i don't have a description.. i am going to think as i go along and hope it comes out well.... <3


3. "Stranger In the Park"

          My night was pretty, good... I slept better then i had for a long time.. no dreams, no waking up in the middle of the night, nothing. my head was pounding a little but it was probably from the stress of moving. I got out of bed, and headed for the bathroom, took a shower, and headed downstairs to find no one awake... I looked at the clock and it was 8:00 am, why were they asleep? whatever, making breakfast Ryan ran in the room and asked when we were going to the park. "not right now it's too early" "BUT YOU PROMISED!" i quickly assured him we were going, got him dressed and headed out.. my driving wasn't "perfect" yet but i could handle going around the corner.. when we got to the park it was about 10 am, i don't fully know why i agreed to take him this early but i just wanted to get him out of the house.. "go play i'm just going to read my book", "OKAY!!" he had quickly found a random boy to play tag with so i sat down getting comfortable opening my romance novel.

       My novel was really intriguing, it was one of those books that kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time... Boy meets girl, girl leaves boy, girl finds new boy, and so on.... So while sitting on the bench reading i felt someone watching me, i felt not alone.. i fingered there were more people there by now, it was at least noon.. but you never know. Next thing i know someone sits next to me, he had weird cloths on, he was wearing blue bright pants with a tan reddish shirt and suspenders... not something you see everyday... i looked up and it felt like i was looking at an angel. i was mesmerized... his eyes were so, so beautiful..they glistened in the light just like... i couldn't let my thoughts out.. just like, my dream... could it be him? i looked back down in my book and continued reading with a little glance every now and then.. suddenly i felt a tap on my shoulder..

     i looked over only to see the mans full face looking at me with such a wonderful looking smile... "Hi there!", all I could do was stare in aw, He was so handsome... "hello", he opened his mouth again... "nice uh weather isn't it?" "yea i guess haha a bit chilly though", he just stared at me for a moment... "sorry I'm being terribly rude!" he stood up and shook my hand, "I'm Louis, and you are?" "i'm Anna, nice to meet you" and it definitely was... he smiled, "are you new around here? i don't believe I've seen you before." "yea we just moved here yesterday actually.. my dad got a promotion in work so here we are haha" "well it's a good thing you did, you're pretty cool." "haha thanks." omg Did he just say I'm cool? my heart was melting. "thanks ha" "so uh, this might be sudden but do you maybe wanna meet me here tonight? without your brother? we could get to know each other." "well, okay sounds good." I didn't even have to think about it.. he was just so delightful he could mesmerize anyone into saying anything, "so i'll see you tonight then?" "yes see you then,"

   He walked away with a smile. He was on my mind for the whole rest of the day, i couldn't get him out of my mind.. i didn't want to think it but, maybe, just maybe he was the one from my dream.. It may sound stupid, but he looked just like the man in my dreams! maybe he was the man of my dreams.. oh i couldn't wait for tonight.. But what would i wear?


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