My Secret Crush

this is my first fan fiction, it might be a little weird but i don't have a description.. i am going to think as i go along and hope it comes out well.... <3


2. "Home Sweet Home?"

      My dad Shook me up and I removed myself from my seat, grabbed my bag and headed off the plane thinking about all the fun i was about to have in this new place. Everything looked so different then the airport in Rhode Island, everything looked so fancy, so elegant. There weren't too many fast food shops. That was definitely different. Probably why most British people were so much Skinnier then us Americans. "Ann grab your brother and follow us", my mom said to me while grabbing her last piece of luggage off the conveyor belt. I grabbed Ryan's hand and moved him along beside me as we followed my parents to a Van waiting for us right in front of the airport. "Aunt Sherry!" i yelled running to the van grabbing her for a hug. I had forgot that she was waiting for us here to bring us to our new home. 

       She lives right here in town which i thought was awesome!, we had one family member at the least to be with here in this new area. "It's so nice to see you all! i have missed you so much from our last visit." "it's great to see you too sis," my dad said excitedly as he ran over pulling her in for a hug and kiss on the cheek. "what are the chances we would get a job right here in Doncaster?" my mom said with a grateful tone in her voice taking Ryan from my hand. "I know! it's so exciting, we will be so close, i'm not too far away from your place. maybe 10, 15 minutes i'd say." "thats great, shall we be going then?" we hopped in the car and headed over, my eyes were drawn to the window the whole drive, it was so pretty here. "why hadn't we moved here earlier?" i thought to myself.

     I checked my phone for a text from Jess, nothing. Hmm.. maybe she is still sleeping. She tended to sleep late on the weekends, I put my phone in my pocket and looked back out the window. in less than 10 minutes we arrived at an almost all white house with black shutters and a LOT of glass windows, it was so pretty! "it looks great in person!" my mom said with enthusiasm", we got out of the car and headed in. the furniture was already set up from my dad coming here a week before. we just had to unpack the boxes full of cloths and pictures etc. it was as beautiful inside as it was on the outside. "where's my room?!" "upstairs to the left" mom yelled from Ryan's room starting to unpack his stuff. I ran upstairs and opened the door into a light blue, walled room. the walls covered with starfish stickers, and the floor was of dark hardwood. "so awesome" i thought. i jumped into my bed and  laid there for a second, it felt to weird being here in this new place, I was kind of missing home at that moment.. but no worries. I just had to get used to things here... i opened my first box of cloths and began to unpack. it took my family and I almost 4 hours to get unpacked and there was STILL boxes that we had not unpacked, my mom brought them to the attic and started on dinner... i jumped on the couch next to my dad who had Ryan in his lap watching Nickelodeon. 

    "You should take Ryan to the park tomorrow, it would be good for you two to bond and get accommodated to this new area", "sounds good i guess" i wasn't too enthusiastic with my answer, i kind of wanted to rest in the house until monday because school started monday... ugh. "hey, it's good for you to get out of the house, you never go anywhere and this will be good for you, besides me and your mother have to finish unpacking" "alright i'll do it". "Dinner's ready!" my mom yelled from the kitchen, we all hopped off the couch and walked into the kitchen with our mouths watering at the smell of the steak my mom had made. "Smells delicious honey!" "thanks, thought we should have something nice for our first night EAT UP!" we scuffed down the food and headed to bed.. we were all so exhausted and needed all the sleep we could get. i hopped into bed and just laid there for a couple minutes and slowly drifted into a sound sleep. It was about 3 am i woke up screaming.. i had a nightmare, but not ones that most people have with monsters and goblins, i had a dream that i saw the mysterious man again, but this time.. he was all the way across the ocean, and i couldn't get to him, and he vanished before my eyes. 

     You Might be Thinking, why would someone wake up screaming from that? and Honestly, i have no idea. All i knew was that this mysterious man wasn't going to go away. Maybe he was a real person? maybe he was just a figment go my imagination.. but if he was just an imaginary character, why would i keep having dreams about him? i thought about it but i was way too tired to get too upset about it. i went back to sleep wondering about what would happen the next day.


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