My Secret Crush

this is my first fan fiction, it might be a little weird but i don't have a description.. i am going to think as i go along and hope it comes out well.... <3


5. "First Day of School"

     Beep, Beep, Beep... My alarm clock buzzed, it was time for school... i was so nervous but also excited. I quickly forgot about Louis and got in the shower.. when i got out I ran downstairs to my mom who was yelling at my dad for not setting the dishwasher... "Hey! ready for school kiddo?" my dad patted me on the head, "yea i guess.. I'm a bit nervous though" "don't be, everyone will love you because you are amazing." "thanks dad, but I'll be late if we don't leave now." we left the house and about 10 minutes later we arrived at school.. I kissed my dad goodbye and headed inside. I was a bit confused with my schedule but managed to get to my homeroom. There were a lot of kids there and I was shy, going into a school in the 11th grade isn't easy because everyone knows each other and you don't know anyone... 

    I sat next to some girl who was picking at her teeth making sure they were white..weirdo haha, after homeroom was AP biology... i was really good at biology so i made sure i had a good class, that went well... the next 3 periods were sooo  boring and every class i had to introduce Myself and it was sickening, after lunch was my last 2 periods, History and English. History was weird because the teacher was really old and lazy because she didn't leave her desk the whole class, she gave us work and continued to sit there. I was relieved when the bell rang and ran to my English class. When I arrived my Heart literally dropped to the floor, and so did my mouth... I looked over to the corner of the back of the room and there he was... Louis, he went to buy school???? REALLY? I wanted to go up to him and yell at him and at the same time I wanted to kiss him, I quickly made my way over to him.

   "Uhm, Louis.." "oh Anna! you go to this school?? thats so cool! We will see each other everyday," "yea I wanted to talk about why you weren't at the park last night.." "i know I will definitely explain, I'm so sorry...  had to babysit my sister Felicite, My parents were going out on a date night because they've....uh, been..fighting lately," "oh I'm so sorry" I felt really bad for him, but was soooo glad he didn't blow me off at the park.."It's okay, maybe they aren't meant to be, or maybe they are... love is difficult" I got lost in his eyes i was barely even listening to him, "yea I hope they get better for you and your sister's sake.." "thanks, and she isn't my only sibling, i have 3 others, my little sister Charlotte, and Twins Phoebe and Daisy." "wow that's a lot of siblings.. i just have buy little brother Ryan." "well I wish I had a brother, being 1 of 2 men in the house is overwhelming haha."

      "Yea i guess it is haha." i was so nervous talking to him, i was afraid i would mess up and say something stupid like at my first homecoming dance when my crush asked me what's up, and i said good...."and about our 'Not so happened' date, want to make up for it this friday night? i'll take you to "Opera Ristorante" "oh that sounds good.. I'm free" I was making sure i didn't sound so desperate. "alright i"ll see you there then" "okay!" i walked to the seat next to him and sat. i was barely listening in class, i was thinking of what i would wear for our 2nd first date... i was sooo excited, He was in my school AND I was sure he liked me because he gave me a second chance... This was one of the best days I've had in a long time.. I was loving this. 

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