A Fear of the Funfair

This is the story of a lost girl. A lonely girl. A girl that makes a dsicovery that changes her life forever. As for funfairs? Well, blurbs shouldn't tell the whole story.


2. The "house"

A huge, sinister mansion rose high into the sky. The rain pattered on the roof, which, when the lightning flashed, lighting up the spooky outline of the house, showed there were several missing tiles. The windows were old, cracked and dusty, and wide open. Dead and decomposing plants were entwined in the crumbling brickwork, climbing up the house. Ragged curtains blew in the wind, brushing the moss on the window ledges. I hobbled over to the steps, through the open rusty gates, and gazed up. At the very top of the old house one light burned in the window, the shutters half open and banging against the sides of the wooden window frame. One light. Just one.

   It took me ten minutes to clamber slowly up the steps, dragging my ankle awkwardly behind me. I slipped once or twice on the wet stairs, grabbing onto the moss and weeds growing in the cracks of the concrete. How many steps WERE there? By the time I reached the door I was exhausted. Biting my tongue to stop myself from crying – I couldn’t let the cold and pain of everything overwhelm me now – I gazed up at the huge door. It was, literally, HUGE. It was carved out from oak wood with strange signs and symbols carved into it and painted a vibrant red. A large, black and shiny metal knocker in the shape of a skull was nailed to the centre of the door with several flat studded nails around it. Not very welcome-looking. A large metal triangle hung down from the skull. I heaved myself up and grabbed it. It was EXTREMELY heavy. I lifted it up with all my strength and banged it down hard. The triangular handle came off! I stared at it, panicking for a moment and then flung it away into the distance. The noise of the bang of the knocker echoed through the house. At first nothing happened. Then the light in the highest window faded, and could be seen faintly through the other windows of the house. I crouched under a stone ledge next to the door, waiting impatiently. I needed more shelter than just a simple stone ledge, carved in the shape of a curved dragon. The water from the rain dripped off the bottom onto me. It was very uncomfortable. At last I heard footsteps echoing on a hard, solid floor in a corridor behind. Then several clanking and grating noises could be heard. Several old, rusty chains and bolts were undone and flung back; they sounded as if they had been locked once and never unlocked since until now. Slowly the door opened; creaking, the hinges squeaking. Very slowly. Opened.....

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