A Fear of the Funfair

This is the story of a lost girl. A lonely girl. A girl that makes a dsicovery that changes her life forever. As for funfairs? Well, blurbs shouldn't tell the whole story.


1. Lost

  I shivered as the darkness came closer and closer. Leaning against a tree, I gazed all around me and then jumped. Something wet trickled down my neck, feeling cold against my bare skin. Water? Or something else? The trees grew closer together, crossing together, barring me from escaping. I could barely see anything now. All I could see was a milky white shape with jagged edges, staring down from me from above. Unmoving. Or was it moving? Surely trees don’t move! I had to get out of here. I spun around and tried to run – only to trip over on a large twig. Muddy slime sucked on my leg, and I pulled frantically, trying to get away. When I tried to stand up, I screamed and collapsed in pain. I could barely move my ankle – it felt as if red hot worms were slithering all over my foot, trying to bite into it. With tears streaming down my grubby face, leaving trails of white where the dirt had been washed away, I forced myself to hop across the sticks and stones. After half an hour I just couldn’t carry on. The trees all looked the same; menacing shapes gazing down on me, staring penetratingly. What were they thinking?  The huge canopy of leaves only let in a slither of eerie moonlight here and there, barely lighting up the woods.

   Then – FLASH! For a moment I saw everything, lit up in a moment of blinding white light. The trees had fierce, terrifying faces of anger and hatred. Mud, sticks, slime, leaves, logs and stones covered the ground everywhere. The wind blew violently, causing leaves to blow wildly in the trees, sending a shower of wet, dewy leaves upon me. Heavy rain rattled on the surface of the canopy, so heavy it broke through, soaking me to the skin. The thunder roared – the mighty king of the skies had awoken. How could I stay here; freezing to death and soaking wet in this terrifying wood? Crack! A tree had been struck by lightning! WHAM! It fell next to me, the twigs brushing my knees through my ripped trousers. I had only just escaped death – I needed to get out of here – fast. So, with the thunderclaps booming loudly and frequently, trees rattling violently, twigs cracking underneath my foot and with fear and dread filling me, I stumbled on my one good foot through the mass of crowded trees. I was completely and utterly lost. But then I saw it. An outline of a house – and a faint glow. Help! I grappled branches, pushing them back, and going as fast as I could towards the house.

   It wasn’t what I had expected. At all.

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