Live While Were Young!

Olivia works in Nando's and she finds that there is this boy with a passion for food.
He comes in every wednesday and she is falling in love VERY quickly.
Does her life turn upside down? Find out later (;


3. Starbucks

Olivias POV

When I got home I plonked my bag down beside my pile of shoes. I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I quickly checked the time on my alarm clock. ' 7:02 ' It read. " OH NO " I moaned. ' I have only got half and hour before im suppose to get there. I quickly scrolled through my clothes and picked out this lovely floral dress with this beautiful yellow headband. I got changed real quick. By the time i was finished it was ' 7:14 ' PHEW' i said. I ran back to my mirror and done my hair in a messy bun. I ran downstairs to put my white tennis trainers on. i smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door.

I hopped into my silver mercedes and started to REV up the engine. I rolled across the gravel on the road hoping i would get there in time. On the radio my favorite song came on, ' LWWY ( Live while were young ) ' One Direction.. 'MM' i said. Then Nialls bit came on " Yeah, we'll be doin' what we do just pretending that we're cool, so tonight! " I pulled up in the car park of Star bucks and i stopped the car and pulled the lever.

I walked in to Starbucks to see Niall sitting alone with a cold milkshake. I quickly made my way over to him and sat down infront of him.

Nialls POV

She looked absolutely beautiful.. I thought to my self. " Well ive been wanting to ask you this for a long time Olivia .. " I said in a low voice. I coughed.. " Well would you like to be my Girlfriend? " I whispered to her. " OMG YES YES YES ONE MILLION TIMES YES! " She shouted. I pulled out a necklace for her and it said ' Niall loves Olivia, and Olivia Loves Niall. ' She pulled off the one saying ' Niall loves Olivia and put it on. " OMG, I can't beilieve im a girlfriend to one of the boys in One Direction" She said to me. " I know, and I can't beilieve im a boyfriend to the girl of my dreams!" I said

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