Live While Were Young!

Olivia works in Nando's and she finds that there is this boy with a passion for food.
He comes in every wednesday and she is falling in love VERY quickly.
Does her life turn upside down? Find out later (;


5. Getting to know the boys.

Its a Friday morning and Niall texted me ' Hey babe, wanna go meet the boys and get to know them better? ' ' Sure, but i got Lux with me.. ' 'thats ok babe' i lock my phone again and walked over to Lux's room.. " Lux, baby were gonna to go see uncle Niall and the boys today! " I whispered in her ear. she sat up and looked at me. Later that morning we were ready I said " Righ ready to go and see Uncle Niall? " Lux nodded and she put her hand in mine. I quickly grabbed my handbag and my keys and we both headed out the door. We got into the car and we started to drive off.

When we got there Lux knocked on their holiday house door and Uncle niall ( My boyfriend ) opened up the door. " Come in princesses." Niall said with a grin on his face. So we did.

Niall's POV

She looked amazing and so did Lux. She wore a beautiful Irish top and some green shorts with her beautifu curly brown hair flowing over her shoulders. And Lux she wore a cute little sequin dress with little school shoes. I looked into Olivia's beautiful Green eyes and smiled at her. She entered our holiday house and she picked Lux up and walked into the living room to find all of the boys sitting on the floor and the couch. " HEY LIV!" They all shouted synchronized. But none of them noticed Lux at first. Then she put Lux on the floor and she ran to Zayn screaming " UWNCLE ZWAYN!!" Then they all noticed she was there.

Olivia's POV

"UWNCLE ZWAYN!!" Lux screamed at Zayn. " Sit down honeycakes" Niall laughed to me. I sat down next to Niall and Harry. " So this is Zayn, Harry Liam and Louis!" Niall said. They all said " HEY" again and i laughed. "I am Olivia" I pronounced. "So we booked to go bowling for all of us, wanna leave in a min? we can get a drink on the way too?" Liam said smartly.. "Sure why dont we leave now?" I said. "YWEAH YWEAH!" screamed Lux.`

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