Live While Were Young!

Olivia works in Nando's and she finds that there is this boy with a passion for food.
He comes in every wednesday and she is falling in love VERY quickly.
Does her life turn upside down? Find out later (;



Olivias POV

Zayn picked Lux up and we headed out the door. They all got into their groovy black limo and I said "Uhm, should I come in with you or should me and Lux come in my car? Becuase Lux doesn't have her car seat." Niall laughed and said "Don't worry we have a spare one in the boot of the Limo, just go and get it, its the one with elmo on it!" I walked round to the boot of the limo and opened the boot. There was 4 spare car seats here 'WOW' I thought. I took the Elmo one and shut the boot securly. I walked round back to Nialls side and handed him the car seat and he set it in next to Zayn and a blank space, were i am going to sit supposedly. I squeezed in next to Lux and Niall and I fastened up my seat belt. Niall shut the door and I strapped Lux into her car seat.

Niall's POV

She squeezed in between me and Lux and done her seatbelt up. Then she strapped Lux in her carseat. "Liv, uhm next week I have got to go on tour in Sydney , Australia.. I was wandering if you wanted to come with us? And maybe Lux too?" I said kind of nervous. "Well Niall, I would love to come on tour with you but, uhm, mm I'll have to see if I can get time off work, and I dont know if Paul will let me take Lux, because Paul said he's in hospital because he broke his leg last night running down the stairs, so he's wwont be able to come, so i'll have to ask Lux's Mummy." She said in a puff. "Oh are you sure he broke his leg, or are you just kidding around with me babe?" I said while winking at her.

Olivia's POV

"Oh are you sure he broke his leg, or are you just kidding around with me babe?" He said winking at me. I took out my phone and went into my message centre.

Paul : Liv, I broke my leg lastnight i was coming down the stairs because your Sister had been sick, and I fell and broke my leg on the second step.. I'm in the hospital now, getting surgery done because it was sooo bad.

Liv: OH, I feel so bad for you, I'll come see you at 6:00 after our tea ok?

"There, I'm not lying Dumbass..." I said with a grin on my face. Niall laughed, Oh his beautiful laugh i thought.


When we got to bowling Zayn took Lux and we al exited the limo. Loads of paparazzi swarmed round us. "Who's this then Niall?" One of them said. "Oh this, this is my girlfriend Olivia!" He shhouted through the noise. We pushed through all of the crowd and into the bowling centre. 'Phew, the paparazzi aren't aloud in here.' I thought to myself as we all walked up to the front desk to the lady with fashionable glasses on. "Zayn, Niall, Harry, Lux, Louis, Liam and Olivia, here for 12:00pm?" Harry said. "Yes just tell me what size shoe you are then i'll go find them." The lady said.

When all of our shoes were done we went to bowling alley number 7 and it went in this order. 'Harry, Liam, Louis, Lux, Niall, Me then Zayn.' A bit like alphabetical order :).. So Harry got the purple bowlng ball and threw it and knocked down 6 pins. He took another purple ball and only hit 3, so he had one more to hit but his turn was over for now. Next was Liam. He took a green ball and he ran up and let go and it became a 'STRIKE' Everybody cheered and Harry went off and sulked. Next was Louis. He took a green ball too and he ran up and he knocked down 8 pins and then abut 5 seconds later one of the pins fell down and knocked the other one over counting as a strike again, and once more everybody cheered. Next was Lux. We got the ramp for her and the bars at the side went up and we picked the lightest orange ball out for her and she pushed it down the ramp and it knocked over 4 pins! "WOO GO LUX" Zayn shouted at the top of his voice. Then everybody knows what happens next, everybody else has a go..

At the end of the game Louis had won with 4 striks and 4 spares.. with the score of 115. then Liam '110, then Me 102, Then Zayn 97, then Niall 91, then Harry ' 85 then lux 43.. We still had two more games to go!

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