Live While Were Young!

Olivia works in Nando's and she finds that there is this boy with a passion for food.
He comes in every wednesday and she is falling in love VERY quickly.
Does her life turn upside down? Find out later (;


4. Baby Lux

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am Lux's auntie.. The reason I don't know the boys as well as Lux does is because I am busy working, and I have all my other problems to work out so i don't really have time to come with them.

It was now 8:06 and Niall had left because he had to go somewhere? "Well, time to go pick up Lux." I moaned under my voice. I really loved having Lux over but i didn't really feel like going 15 miles and back.. I hopped back into my silver Mercedes and headed off down the motorway. When I got to the beautiful house my brother lives in i pulled up next to it. I walked up to the house and knocked on the door. " Who is it. " My brother said. " Olivia, I'm here to pick up Lux!" I said through the letter box. "OK come in liv.." He opened the door and i stumbled inside. Lux came running over to me saying " AUWNTIE, AUWNTIE!" I smiled and giggled. " Lux, I missed you so much!" I picked her up and spun her round... " So Lux, ready to go to my place and have some fun? " I said. Lux nodded her head and I picked up my litte bag and her peppa pig backpack. " Bwye Bwye mwamwa" Lux said to her mummy. " bye bro!" i said to my brother. I closed the door as I walked with Lux in the dark to my car.

( sorry for the really crappy short chapter, This is my first fan fic thingy maginy.. Anyway I hope you liked it so far! And comment in the box )

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