Live While Were Young!

Olivia works in Nando's and she finds that there is this boy with a passion for food.
He comes in every wednesday and she is falling in love VERY quickly.
Does her life turn upside down? Find out later (;


2. Another day, another penny.

Olivias   P.O.V

So he's back! " Niall " I said, " back already? " he laughed and looked above my head at the food he can order.. " Uhm urr, can I have what I had last week please Liv? " His sweet Irish accent filled my ears. " Sure " I walked away from the cash register, not taking my eyes off him. When I got in the kitchen a whole swarm of papparazzi was around him taking pictures and kissing him.. 'NO' i thought. I took the tray of food back to the counter tops and I said " £24.95 please. "  I said calmly. " So do you want to go for a coffee later or something? " Niall asked me. 'Really OMG , I'm a huge fan of them, I dont really know the others well, but i knew Niall from the bottom of my heart.' " uhm, I-I-I would love to Niall " I whispered so nobody else could hear. " So Starbucks?" i asked. " oh sure" he replied. He waved at me and walked off to sit with the boys.' I nearly fainted just then' i thought. I ran to my boss in his office and i said " Oiit, Sam could i take the rest of the day off, I have kind of got a cough and i don't want to get it all over our costomers food. " He smirked at me. " Sure, it's only because your one of my favorite workers, I wont let NOBODY else have a day of work. " panted my Boss Sam. I sighed in releif. I jogged out of the office shutting the door behind me and I quickly ran to my green locker at the back of Nandos. I took my normal clothes out, 'Chinos , Hightop Airforce, Crop top and a greenish blue hoodie. ' I ran to the changing rooms and I quickly got changed. I shoved my uniform into my locker and 'LOCKED' it for the couple of days im off now.

I ran out past the other cash register people and i ran straight up to Niall. " Niall, make sure your there before half past 7, because I have to go get my little niece at 8:45.. " i whispered. He nodded and smiled.. " BYE " i shouted as i ran through the door.

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