Poppy's diary

Blurb: Poppy is a 10 year old girl. She has a big decission to make. will she do the right decission?


1. me

dear someone,

I don't know who you are. You realy shouldn't be reading this at all but I guess now I can't take this from you. I am poppy st james a 10 year old girl. I love my life when I think about things I see rainbows. I love drawing. I always draw pictures of my self.

Ok I don't see rainbows. I see a dark cloud over me. Over my half brother, half sister, step sister, step brother and step dad I see sunshine. That is mums new family. I have lived with them since I was born. My mum and dad never lived together but I do see him and they talk. See mum was 15 when I was born and My dad and her were together until I was born but stayed friends.

My step dad is mean. He thinks of me as just one of his childrens friends.Not a nice friend one who you think trying to do things to them. 

I wish there was another option. there isn't though.

write soon poppy

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