Never letting Go

I am not good at poetry and this is my first time trying to write poetry. It's for the pulling at my gravity competition about my best friend. I hope you like it, please tell me if my poetry is really bad.


1. My other Half

When I saw you for the first time I knew we'd be friends,

I remember the first day I came to the school and we clicked,

I knew we'd be best friends forever,

with every day battles rose trying to separate us.

I was scared but our friendship was stronger.

When you ignore me, it hurts a lot,

I feel like a knife pierced my heart.


When we hug, 

I pray to god, that we shall be friends forever.

One day you'll go,

but till that day we shall be friends,

wherever we go, I'll remember you.

There's a special place in my heart,

that is only for you.


I will always be by your side,

even when you want me to go.

Because I know you will always need me,

I need you too forever.

Your my best friend and no one can change that.


Even when I'm angry with you,

you must know we will always be friends.

We will face all the battles, together,

We can't win anything without each other.

Every day I look at you,

my world seems brighter, just by you being there.


Your the ray of sunshine I always need,

I will always be there for you and I know you will be there for me.

Your the sister I always wanted,

your the other half to me.


If god asked me what I'd wish,

I'd ask for us to be  best friends forever.

You always seem to read my mind,

whenever I have problems you seem to know,

and make my problems disappear.


But when it's time for us to separate,

I will hold a place in my heart.

That no one can replace,

for you are my one and only best friend,

Because you are the other side to me and together we make one.

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