Why Me?

19 year Faith father was murdered.Her mom died of cancer when she was 6.The cops are accusing her!But one boy band think she is incontinent.One boy falls in love with Faith.Will Faith be arrested and charged with murder?Will Faith and Louis date?Will they find her dad's killer?Read to find out...


1. Me Faith

My name is Faith.I am 19.I live on my on.I have 2 siblings.They are Katie and Jersey.They are identical twins.My two annoying sisters.They are 16.My mom died when I was 6.She had heart and lung cancer.I have my own problems.I have 3 diseases.I have Fibromyalgia,Arthritis,and Diabetes.I moved from Kansas to London by myself.My dad ans sisters still live in Kansas.I wanted to get away from them.Katie sent me a text. 

Katie:Hey!What are you up too?

Me:Not much.I have to go to work in 2 hours.Bummer.

Katie:That sucks.How have ya been?

Me:A lot of pain.

Katie:Have you been taking your meds?

Me:Of course Kate.

Katie:That haven't worked?

Me:No.I go back to the doctor next week.

Katie:Good.Ok.I have to go.Jay is coming over.Bye.

Me.Alright.Tell him I said hi.Bye.

Jay was Katie's boyfriend.He was nice to her.Does not mean I was strict with him at the beginning.Ha....I got ready for work.I drove to Starbucks,that is where I work,early.Usually there isn't much costumers.My boss and I were the only two who bothered to show up. My boss,Maggie,took a lunch break.I went ahead and stayed.And I am glad I did.Want to know why?One Direction came."Hi.May I help you?" I asked."Sure."Louis said.They gave me their orders."Ok.I will be right back."I said.I walked to the back.It only took me 2 minutes because I am used to the machines now.I gave them their drinks.We all talked for a little awhile.Then my phone rang.I ran to the back.It was Jersey.

Jersey:I wish Katie and I never left.


Jersey:Someone killed dad.

I screamed.Jersey hung up.Louis ran to the back."What happened?"Louis asked."My sister called.Someone murdered my dad!"I yelled.

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