Running, Never Stopping

After the first transformation, a shifter named Sophie reveals her secret. Now many people don't know this but there are shifters that watch over them all. When she starts to run she finds many others her age from different corners of the world. what would happen if these people came for you? Would you run or sacrifice yourself for the sake of your kind? For anyone this would be a tough decision, Sophie has to face it though. And it could be a bloody battle to fight for the right, and stand up to the wrong.

This is made for my friends who have given me the character's name's and what they want to happen. One of them wanted a version of one direction so sorry if you didn't want this but they would like this. I hope you enjoy this, comment below if you would like to be in this or any future stories I will publish!!


9. Step mum

Harry's POV

Soph had ran when she had heard the click of his gun, I waited to see who he was. It was just as Niall described him, a man of a tribe. The traditional tanned skin, the midnight hair that fell in front of his eyes. I streaked after Soph, bowing my head to him, I had caught up but was stopped in my tracks when a rip echoed through her and in to me. I heard her choke and I lay my head on her shoulder, she had already changed in to her human form. Jacob had loomed over us, pain was streaking through his face. Soph had stopped choking and less blood poured from her mouth. I moved back a few paces and let him come to her. He had never seen her grow up, he didn't know about what had happened these past few years. I felt sick when Soph had transformed again, then I saw she was furious. She was shaking as she looked into the eyes of her father. She turned to me and she calmed, her breathing slower and steady. I turned, feeling calmer, and walked away. I glanced my head back to Soph and she was frozen. She looked to me with blank eyes, Jacob piped up.

"You are such a looker, just like your mother before she was messed up from having you!" He shouted after us. I could see Soph snap. She lunged after him, but he dodged easily. I loved watching her twist and spiral, even when it was fighting someone she loved. She lunged back at him, he failed to see. Her jaws tore at his shoulders and stomach, I heard the crippling brakes in his arms. He collapsed after only minutes of torture, he wouldn't of survived if he was encountered with what I had. Soph stood over him and looked like she would shatter into pieces. I walked over and rubbed Soph's shoulder, telling her to calm down. I felt her ease and then walked away. I sat on the ground by him, his breathing hitched from the pain and his eyes were dry with tears.

"You know I don't blame her for that." he muttered, "What I did was out of line but I had never known me or her mother to be the fighting types. Where did she learn that?" I looked at him in disbelief, how could I tell him what happened when it brought back that pain I buried deep in the storage box of my heart. I sighed and began.

"Well when she turned fourteen both her mother and Niall were out. They never made it up to her. Anyway she had gone shopping when everything had built on top of her. I don't know this exact but she stayed there for two years and two days.  She must have learnt it from when she was in that institute  but neither of them visited her. She tested and ripped apart. She was alone. When she had turned sixteen they had let her out for a run when she had transformed for the second time. Niall had wanted me to go around that area for something and I saw her change, you couldn't miss her. She had never changed in all that time. Of course she heard my conversation with Niall, so she had wanted me out of my place. I came out and she just lost it. She had beaten me before I knew it, her jaws had locked around my spine. Niall had come and dragged her off me, but she had through him in to a tree. She heard the guards coming and dragged me off with her as she ran.

"So she had saved my life but Niall had shown up again she ran again. I tried to track her but her scent was gone when I was out of breath after an hour. She had gone home and had reminded herself of her previous life, Niall had gone to the room but had scared her off. So I said goodbye to Katty and ran with her. Leading up to now." I lifted up my shirt and showed him the scars on my back, they were deep and black from the rushed healing. They would never disappear. I stood up taking off his t-shirt revealing the deep gashes to his stomach and shoulders. His face was already scarred but with this latest attack he had a deep wound leading from the corner of his eye to the corner of his nose, it went outside and went to the very tip of his mouth leading down to his cheek bone and then to his neck. It would be attractive to the ladies but what he did to my family I felt repulsed. He let a grimy smirk stay on his face as he looked up in to the trees. A pair of greeny bluey eyes looked down on us, like they had been there the whole time. Jacob went towards the trees and reached towards the eyes, the animal moved forward revealing a slim but elegant tabby cat. The black stripes and dots curled around her frame, she looked like something from a dream but was forced to live in a horrid reality.

"Hey Charlie, sorry I left you before. I want you to meet someone. This is Harry, 'her' brother in law." The cat slunk back in to the tree and a rustle escaped from above. A young woman came down, her cat like figure was the slender replica of the cat. Her eyes were more intense as she 'read' who and what you were. Here hair reached down to her shoulder, it was an intense shade of blonde but it radiated from her. Her legs were long and stiff, her posture perfect. She was not suited for the forest at all. 

"Hello Harry." she simply said. Her voice rang clear of the gloom that was over our heads. I stood and shook her hand, I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

"Harry this is my beautiful wife Charlie." He smiled and brought her waist closer to him. He kissed he neck as she let a small giggle escape. I turned towards the others and found Soph staring in to a small fire Ely had made. Her broad wolf head turned to me and her tail batted the snow sprinkled ground, I smiled at her and sat down. My tired body leant on to hers, the warmth absorbing slowly through my bones. Jacob's footsteps could be heard, I felt the rumble of Soph's body as she warned him off. She was silent when she saw Charlie. I held her there, she mustn't run any more from her problems. 

"Soph this is your step mum Charlie." They stared at one another in disbelief, Soph threw her head back and howled. I knew she wan't happy with them here but we had to. To beat the Kira.

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