Running, Never Stopping

After the first transformation, a shifter named Sophie reveals her secret. Now many people don't know this but there are shifters that watch over them all. When she starts to run she finds many others her age from different corners of the world. what would happen if these people came for you? Would you run or sacrifice yourself for the sake of your kind? For anyone this would be a tough decision, Sophie has to face it though. And it could be a bloody battle to fight for the right, and stand up to the wrong.

This is made for my friends who have given me the character's name's and what they want to happen. One of them wanted a version of one direction so sorry if you didn't want this but they would like this. I hope you enjoy this, comment below if you would like to be in this or any future stories I will publish!!


2. Shopping...

My eyes slowly peeled open, letting themselves adjust to the sun. I stayed there till I realised it was, my birthday! T turned fourteen today, 12/10/12. The house was quiet as I half ran through the house. My suspicions were proven right when I found that there was not a living soul in the house apart from my. The flat screen TV hummed which had shown that my parents, Katrina Horan and Niall Horan (not famous), had used it. Whenever I was growing up they had to be called somewhere, I wasn't sure where but I wasn't allowed to know anyway so I had put up with it since I was ten. I grabbed the brush that I had threw at my dad last night and ran it through my mid length brunette hair. I did not resemble my parents in any way possible, they both had blonde hair and blue eyes where I had a darker blue but my hair the complete wrong colour. As I matured it was turning black which I actually liked, I hate it the way it was now. I grabbed a mug and made myself a hot chocolate when I noticed a note pinned on the fridge door:


We wanted to wish you a happy birthday when you woke but had to go because of a last minute call from work. We are so sorry but are very excited about what we have planned for you later on tonight. We made you pancakes, well I made two because your dad ate the first, they are in the oven. You can open your presents which are in the living room.

see you soon, 

Love you lots,

Mam and Dad xx

I crumpled the note and let it fall to the floor and I ran upstairs to change. After throwing together a pair of jeans and a t-shirt I grabbed my phone and the money that they had left on the table last night and walked to town...


I had been wandering through the shops for a few hours and as I checked my phone at irregular intervals I found not a single trace of a text or call from them today. I placed the t-shirt back on the rail and ran out of the shop. Tears flooded the vision in my eyes, why was I never considered in my parent's lives? It was like I wasn't even a part of my mother, let alone my dad who barely spoke to me. My hands started to tremble and then violently shake and boiling flushes pulsed through my body. Pins and needles made my body convulsive and relax rapidly making me collapse on to the shiny floor.Shoppers stopped what they were doing and came to help me but a screamed and thrashed my arms and legs out at them making me have about 2ft of room. The pain died like I had a bucket of ice tipped over me. I imagined the sizzle my body would have given of when the two were put together. I heard the petrified screams and vibrations from the floor as the people ran from where they stood around me. I stared at the manic scene around me, and I looked at myself in a shop window. I was cut short of breathe when I saw what was reflected as me. Their was not me that I was greeted to, but a small fragile wolf.

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