Running, Never Stopping

After the first transformation, a shifter named Sophie reveals her secret. Now many people don't know this but there are shifters that watch over them all. When she starts to run she finds many others her age from different corners of the world. what would happen if these people came for you? Would you run or sacrifice yourself for the sake of your kind? For anyone this would be a tough decision, Sophie has to face it though. And it could be a bloody battle to fight for the right, and stand up to the wrong.

This is made for my friends who have given me the character's name's and what they want to happen. One of them wanted a version of one direction so sorry if you didn't want this but they would like this. I hope you enjoy this, comment below if you would like to be in this or any future stories I will publish!!


15. Running, Never stopping

"We expected you earlier." A shadowed man boomed from across the field. His hair shaven and detailed with white, blue and green patterns which flowed all over his face. His teeth were perfect, the white as clear as diamond. His hands gestured to his followers, their eyes held no mercy but had a lost puppy look to them. Like they only knew this life and not the peaceful one they had before. The mist had cleared, but seemed to linger by their eyes. Their mouths drooled and clamped through the air, desperate for the taste of death. I took a wider look at them, then I realised why they were always so successful. They were made up of all of the animals that reached the top of the food chain. Lions, eagles, lynx, cheetah, tigers and wolves all stood ready. I looked at us and it was like we were a sweet pick and mix, small birds littered the tress, puny dogs cowered by our feet. We only had one snow leopard, horses were hidden, but we had hard muscled dogs which would fight to the death even if they weren't part human. 

When I tell you to run, you run and never stop do you hear me?

I looked at him with shock, but I understood. I was his only daughter. I looked down and bumped him with my shoulder. I couldn't believe that he would do this for me. I looked for Harry, but my heart broke to what I saw. His eyes glassy as he looked to some duck billed animal. I stepped forward but felt the nip on my flank, Jacob's deep rumble shook my body. 

Go now Soph, I love you.

The lines moved forward and I just stood there, watching as the snarls and rips rang through my ears. I bolted to the woods, I didn't look back. I was running and never stopping.


Sorry about the short chapters, working on a detailed one which maybe up tomorrow or later. Thanks for reading.

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