Running, Never Stopping

After the first transformation, a shifter named Sophie reveals her secret. Now many people don't know this but there are shifters that watch over them all. When she starts to run she finds many others her age from different corners of the world. what would happen if these people came for you? Would you run or sacrifice yourself for the sake of your kind? For anyone this would be a tough decision, Sophie has to face it though. And it could be a bloody battle to fight for the right, and stand up to the wrong.

This is made for my friends who have given me the character's name's and what they want to happen. One of them wanted a version of one direction so sorry if you didn't want this but they would like this. I hope you enjoy this, comment below if you would like to be in this or any future stories I will publish!!


8. My real Dad

We had kept moving for the past week. I had learnt a lot about Ely. Her grandmother had given her a bracelet which had a code on, she didn't know what it was for but it was for something like this. She had been brought up in America but when she turned 9 she moved to England. She was now 22 and had no family, they had all died in a holiday accident where the coach they were on had turned over but then slammed in to a cliff. She had survived somehow, but she had no-one there now who would support her and help her through difficult times. She had not spoke the rest of the day. Ellise had grew up in foster care. Her parents had died early and she had no memories of them. She had no genetic brothers or sister but every family she had lived with had one or two. She had moved out of the care system a year and a half ago five days after the had turned eighteen. She had found Ely when she was kicked out of her flat a few months ago, She was wandering the streets and had turned to the forest when she spotted the tiger through the dense undergrowth. The cheetah stood out from the the crowd so they banded together like sisters, shared everything from money to secrets. We had lay there for a while when the first winter snow flakes had fallen to our already frozen bodies. They danced to the ground and stuck, we had to move. I heard the click of a gun. It brought my inner most nightmares back to the surface, I didn't care what they would think of me but I just ran. They were everywhere. The black uniforms and thick vests. The glint of the guns sent me into deep panic. I dropped to the ground and shook violently, I heard something inside me rip. Harry was by me in minutes. He looked over me and looked towards a tall man. He had the same eyes as me and hair. His was darker, but I could tell it was the same. He had a darker tanned skin, his teeth camouflaged in to the snow. The shaking had increased when he pointed his gun to the floor and I changed in to my human form. Blood poured from my mouth and I coughed violently. 

"Shh, it okay. Your real dad's here." He said, his tone soothed me just like my mothers. He was the guy who had hurt her. Jacob, my real father. How I wished he was here, but how I wished he wasn't.

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