Running, Never Stopping

After the first transformation, a shifter named Sophie reveals her secret. Now many people don't know this but there are shifters that watch over them all. When she starts to run she finds many others her age from different corners of the world. what would happen if these people came for you? Would you run or sacrifice yourself for the sake of your kind? For anyone this would be a tough decision, Sophie has to face it though. And it could be a bloody battle to fight for the right, and stand up to the wrong.

This is made for my friends who have given me the character's name's and what they want to happen. One of them wanted a version of one direction so sorry if you didn't want this but they would like this. I hope you enjoy this, comment below if you would like to be in this or any future stories I will publish!!


5. Home

Harry's POV

I stared at my brother in horror. His own flesh and blood, he abandoned in the time that she needed him. I stood up and the advanced healing that we are able to have had already fixed my wounds. I stuck my nose to the floor and picked up her scent, I looked at Niall and then took off after her. I heard him pacing after me, keeping a good distance. We must have followed for half an hour and I had to stop, Niall was staggering behind me. We must have gone for a few miles, how did this kid do it? I knew that neither Niall or Katty would have been able to do this distance and then power through. Her scent was fading fast, so I just ran again leaving him behind. I followed and followed until I had lost it, I was too slow. 

You have one fast daughter Niall, I've lost her scent

Never mind, I'm going back to my place. We have to talk

See you there

I walked on to the busy streets of Newcastle and I didn't mind if I stood out. We saw the occasional stray cross our path in the alleys. I made to the far end of the city and then ran, wanting to be back in search for my niece.

Soph's POV

I ran, I never wanted to see him again. I wanted my mother though. I miss her soothing words and the way she rocks me when I feel like this. I have lost track of time by the time I arrive home, I don't run inside but instead I stay in the moonlight and watch as that man hugs my weeping mother. Uncle Harry stands there, I can't see the blood from his back or see any pain in his face. I walk around the house and find the emergency staircase that my mother was so desperate to have. It lead straight to my room. The old, rusty window stood fully open and looked like it had not been touched in a few hours, the scent of my mother hung around the room. I brushed my bed with my body, longing to just climb in and snuggle in the memories that I wanted to be reunited with. My paws clicked on the solid floorboards, I was home.

Niall's POV

How could I? I wrapped my arms around Katty, I was a horrible person. To my own daughter, when I thought about what Harry said before. Soph was nothing like me, she was like her mother but there was no trace of me at all in her. I rubbed my wife's back as she soaked my t-shirt with salty tears. Something caught me, clicking claws. I let go and carefully made my way upstairs.I turned the handle on the door and made a slight slit in the door. Nothing. I opened the door and looked around. I remembered the times I had seen her messing about in that room. I sat on her bed and breathed in her scent, it was nothing like what I found today. I remember her eyes when she turned against me, black solid doors that we wide open. They blocked any feeling trying to go in but showed what she felt as clear as day. He rapid breathing that showed she had suffered, all because of me. I think it was me anyway, I sighed and dropped my hand to her mattress. I recoiled as I felt something wet underneath, I looked down. A muddy paw print, she was here. I was right. The window was her gateway in to this house, I had scared her off. I ran to the window and saw her, her head thrown back and looking deep in to the moon. She turned to look at me, pure hatred ran deep through them and echoed in my heart. I stood there, watching as she froze at the sound of her mother running out towards her. Harry soon following, as she caught sight of them she ran again like a spooked deer. Harry looked towards Katty and she nodded once, a single tear rolled down her cheek glistening in the moon's ice rays. I saw my brother run after her and deep in to the bush, he didn't even say goodbye.

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