The Summer I Never Expected

Lexi is a normal 19 year old California girl that gets the opportunity to visit her amazing (and filthy rich) aunt and uncle in Maryland for the summer. Little does she know that her uncle's small record company just signed a new client. And it just so happens to be her favorite boyband...


4. Lovin' The European Vibes

"Hey baby girl!" My uncle said coming towards me.

He hugged me and kissed my forehead but I was still in shock. He laughed a little noticing my huge eyes.

"Would you like to meet my new clients?"

I was suddenly very aware that I was wearing and my hair was in a messy bun. Great, the first time I meet my favorite boy band and I look like a mess. 

"Um, ya." I said. 

My uncle gave my aunt a kiss and took my luggage from her before leading me into the living room. 

"Boys, this is my niece Lexi. Lexi, I'm sure you know these boys." he said grinning.

"What teenage girl doesn't?" I replied still in shock. Leah and Ellie weren't going to believe this. 

They all stood up, and as I went for handshakes Louis laughed, "Love, we're European. We don't do handshakes." And with that i got a tight bear hug from each one. 

stay cool I told myself'. Don't fangirl. Now is not the time. 

One all the hugging was over (sadly enough), we all sat down, me sitting next to my uncle on the couch opposite the boys. 

"I thought you guys had a record deal with Simon? What happened?"

They all kinda looked at each other, unsure on how to answer. 

"Let's just say we had a little falling out." Liam piped up. 

"Yeah, and now we're looking for something a little more intimate. Where we'd be able to get the attention we need." Zayn added. 

"Not that we're attention seekers!" Liam said, I laughed. 

"Of course now." I smiled at them. Mainly at Harry. Man those dimples were killing me. 

"Well boys, you better get going, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow." My uncle stood up and they all nodded in agreement. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little sad.

"Cheer up Love, we'll be back tomorrow." Harry said with a wink. 

Wow I need to learn  to hide my facial expressions better. And it's a good thing my uncle didn't see that wink. He was busy scheduling things on his phone. 

"So I'll see you guys tomorrow, 8 AM sharp. You need to be in the studios ASAP." Mu uncle stated, looking up from his phone.

"Yes sir." They said. I remembered that the studio was downstairs in the basement. These people had everything. They started to leave and I got a hug goodbye from each one. I was really digging this whole European thing. 

Harry was the last to hug me and he whispered in my ear as he did so, "See you tomorrow, Love." Heat rushed to my cheeks. Oh boy...

After they left my aunt and uncle helped me carry my bags upstairs and showed me to my room. 

When I opened the door, I was in awe. 

"Do you like it?" My aunt looked hopeful.

"I think...I'm in love..." I was only planning on staying a month but they went ahead and put every pinterest dream I ever had in one room. Bookcases (stocked of course), vanity table, Christmas lights, etc. 

"I'm only gonna be here a month, you really didn't have to do all this." I said gawking. 

"I know. I was hoping that this might be a small incentive for you to stay longer." She said smirking. She played this game well. 

"Well," my uncle said, "I'm sure you're pooped. You have your own bathroom right around that corner and we went ahead and put some stuff in there for you." They were too amazing. 

"So go ahead and relax. We'll be downstairs for awhile if you need anything." My aunt said kissing my forehead. 

"Goodnight, Babygirl."


They closed the door and left me to my new and simply magical room.


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