The Summer I Never Expected

Lexi is a normal 19 year old California girl that gets the opportunity to visit her amazing (and filthy rich) aunt and uncle in Maryland for the summer. Little does she know that her uncle's small record company just signed a new client. And it just so happens to be her favorite boyband...


7. I'm Such An Idiot!

Author's Note: I am SO SO SO sorry it took me this long to update. I have stuff written out, I just got busy with college stuff :/ Well anyway, I hope you guys are liking it so far and I'm also working on a new one that I'll start uploading in a few days!! Thank you guys so much for reading!!! <3


Harry's POV

"Alright boys, let's get to brainstorming. You only have two songs written for your next album and it's due to come out in 4 months."

Ray was such a great guy. He really cared about us, not that Simon didn't. But it seemed like Simon stopped seeing us as people and more as dollar signs.

It was a littler after 8 in the morning so my brain wasn't quite working properly, and I could tell it was the same for the others. 

"Look!" Liam said reaching into a bag, "I bought us all notebooks to start writing ideas in!" He was way too cheery in the morning. 

"Liam," Louis said after being handed his, "These are all Toy Story themed."

"" We all laughed. This guy and his Toy Story.

After about an hour of sitting there the only productive thing we had done was create a very impressively large pile of trash.

"Maybe you guys need some sort of incentive to get you going." Ray said, noticing our lack of progress. 

"Like food?" Niall looked hopeful and Ray laughed.

"Yeah, food is a good one. My wife is making breakfast right now."

Hopefully this will get the creativity flowing.

We made our way upstairs while we waited for the food to be ready.

"Morning boys!" Ray's wife called out.

"Morning Mrs. Gellar!" We shouted. Now with our minds on eating we were a little more awake.

"Try not to be too loud. Lexi's still sleeping."

"Oh sorry." Liam said. "We'll try to keep it down."

I almost forgot about Lexi. I was just being cheeky and flirty last night like I usually am. I'm not much of a relationship person, they were too much work. But Lexi seemed..interesting. Ray had told us she would only be here for a month. Which is enough time to flirt and not have to commit. Perfect.

Liam and Zayn were playing a card game, Louis was lying face down on the floor (don't ask) and Niall was awaiting anxiously at the table when Mrs. Gellar announced that the food was ready. The table was filled with eggs, pancakes, bacon. ham, and fried potatoes. We all dug in.

When we were nearly done, I heard light footsteps enter the room. When I looked up, Lexi was standing there. Somehow her awkwardness made her adorable. When she came and sat down, she took the empty seat next to Liam. I'm such an idiot! Why didn't I think to leave an empty seat next to me? Wait...why did I even care? It's not like I liked her..

She kept glancing at me as she ate. Did she like me? What am I saying, she's a teen girl, of course she probably likes me. Just then, Ray interrupted my thoughts and suggested that we get back to work. The food definitely helped. We were spitting out lyrics like they were snowballs. Niall even picked up his guitar and started trying out a few melodies.

Lexi came down after about 20 minutes and started talking to her uncle Ray. I noticed that she has a really nice skin tone. Wait, am I really focusing on her skin? I forced myself to look back at the page in front of me. Just as she was about to leave, Louis invited her to watch a movie with us, I liked that idea.

"We're planning on watching a scary movie and Harry needs someone to hide behind!"

"I do not!" I practically yelled, heat rushing to my cheeks.

Once she had left Louis nudged me, "Someone's taken a fancy to Lexi."

"Have not!"

"Come on Haz, like you don't think she's fit at all."

"Yeah, I guess." I refused to look up from my paper. "Can we get back to work or what?" The boys laughed and we continued.




Kinda short :/ But I'll be updating more frequently, I promise!!

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