The Summer I Never Expected

Lexi is a normal 19 year old California girl that gets the opportunity to visit her amazing (and filthy rich) aunt and uncle in Maryland for the summer. Little does she know that her uncle's small record company just signed a new client. And it just so happens to be her favorite boyband...


6. Good Morning, Boys

I woke up to light streaming through my curtains and looked at my phone, 9:27. But I was still completely exhausted seeing as it was 6:37 my time. Oh well, better get up and used to it as soon as I can. 

I walked into the bathroom and sat at the vanity table (yes, I had one in my room and one in the bathroom) as I undid my braids from the night before, revealing some pretty nice waves that I brushed out to get a little more volume. After brushing my teeth, I walked downstairs, following the smell of bacon, my favorite. 

When I walked into the kitchen I saw the boys sitting down at the table, CRAP! I forgot about them. Were they ever going to see me in decent clothing? 

"Morning Baby girl!" My aunt said blowing me a kiss.

"Morning Sissy. Morning boys."

"Morning, Lexi!" They said between chews. 

"Niall! Stop hogging all the pancakes! There are poor, starving Louis' in the world and I really don;t think you want to be held responsible!" Louis said practically climbing the table trying to reach the stack that Niall had building up. 

"Oh go eat a carrot or something." Niall snapped doing the best to keep the plate to himself. 

"Now, now boys. There are plenty more coming up." My aunt set a fresh stack on the table, far from Niall's reach. I giggled and sat in the available chair next to Liam who instantly started pushing food close to me to ensure I got some. What a sweetie. I kept glancing up at Harry. It was still hard to believe that I was sitting across from him. 

Just as I started eating, my uncle walked in, "Alright guys, you had a decent break. Let's get back to work, yeah?" They all nodded and started to put their plates away. 

"Thank you for the food Mrs. Gellar!" Zayn said, and all the others followed suit before heading down to the basement. 

Once they were all gone, my aunt turned to me, "So I was thinking we could do a little shopping today? Trey won't be home until about 5 cause he's at a summer program. Then we can have a big family dinner!" I loved how excited she was that I was here. 

"Sounds great! Just let me go change." I rushed upstairs and started to unpack my clothes so I could better figure out what to wear. 

After much consideration I decided on I quickly ran into the bathroom, spritzed myself with something called "Twilight Woods" (yum), grabbed my bag, and made my way downstairs. "Ready? my aunt asked, all ready with her Jimmy Choo's on her feet and her Coach on her arm. "Yup!"

"Okay, go say goodbye to your uncle Ray and let him know that we should be back by 4. 5 hours is decent for our first day of shopping." I laughed. She was in the airforce and was tougher than most guys i knew, but man she loved her shopping.

I walked down the hall and down into the basement where his studio was. When I walked in the boys were sitting in a circle around a notebook and Niall had a guitar in hand.

"Hey Lexi!" They all said cheerfully.

"Hey guys." I blushed. I'm only human. 

I walked over to my uncle Ray who was busy on his phone, and relayed the message. He nodded and kissed me on the head. 

As I was about to walk out, Louis yelled out, "Lexi! You should come hang out with us tonight! We're gonna watch a movie."

Did I really just get invited to watch a movie with One Direction? I was speechless so I just nodded my head. 

"We were planning on watching a scary movie and Harry needs someone to hide behind." Liam chimed. 

Harry blushed instantly, "I do not!" He looked at me and smiled shyly, and I returned the gesture. 

Before I could make myself look anymore foolish, I left the room and started thinking of my day ahead of me. 


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