The Summer I Never Expected

Lexi is a normal 19 year old California girl that gets the opportunity to visit her amazing (and filthy rich) aunt and uncle in Maryland for the summer. Little does she know that her uncle's small record company just signed a new client. And it just so happens to be her favorite boyband...


5. A Little Tour

I decided to take a shower before I skyped Ellie and Leah. When I walked into the bathroom I saw that the sink was loaded with different scents and lotions. They all smelled amazing. I explored around a bit, noticing a door that I assumed was a closet. 

Well, I was right. But I had not anticipated a walk-in closet bigger than my own room back home. Holy cow!

After a little more exploration, I finally took a shower. They even bought my favorite shampoo, Aussi. 

Once my shower was done, I changed into I hopped onto my queen sized bed, pulled out my laptop, and texted Ellie that I was about ready to be on while I turned my laptop on. 

When it was all booted up, I got on skype and started to call Leah. She answered almost immediately and I saw Ellie by her side. 

"Hey guys!"

"Hey!" They said in unison. "How is it over there? Can you give us a little tour?"

"Well, it'll be hard to show you the whole house on my laptop, we'll have to FaceTime for that. But I can show you guys my room!"

I lifted my laptop and slowly scanned it across the room. When I finally put it down their mouths were wide open. 

"Lex, that's literally everything on my 'Bedroom Ideas' board on Pinterest!" Ellie exclaimed. 

"That's what I was thinking!" I laughed. "You guys haven't even seen my bathroom or closet yet."

"You have your own bathroom?!"

"Oh, just wait." And with that I, yet again, lifted my laptop and walked it over to the bathroom, giving it a quick scan.

"Are you guys ready for the closet?" I asked smiling.

"I'm not sure my heart can handle this much all at once." Leah said dramatically placing her hand over her heart as if to prove her point. 

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the closet door.I opened it and turned on the light which resulted in gasps. 

"So when can we all move in?" Ellie asked, eyes wide. 

"They actually did all this to persuade me to move in." I explained. "And I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty enticing." 

They laughed, knowing full well I couldn't survive outside of sunny California. 

"Well I better go, it's getting pretty late over here. But I'll FaceTime you guys as soon as I can. I have a few more surprises."

They looked curious but I laughed and hung up before they could say anything. After braiding my hair and brushing my teeth, I climbed into bed and put the album Up All Night on shuffle. I still couldn't believe that I would be hearing these voices in person tomorrow. 

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