The Summer I Never Expected

Lexi is a normal 19 year old California girl that gets the opportunity to visit her amazing (and filthy rich) aunt and uncle in Maryland for the summer. Little does she know that her uncle's small record company just signed a new client. And it just so happens to be her favorite boyband...


1. Goodbye California

I was so excited, this summer was going to be one of the best ones yet. Usually I love being able to spend my summers here in California, but a girl needs a change every now and then. 

"Lexi! Are you almost ready? You know how bad traffic can get!"

"Yes I know!" I yelled back at my mom, "Just want to make sure I have everything on my list!"

"You're going for a month, not 5 years. Now hurry up!"

I stuck my head out my door where I knew she could see me from her spot on the couch. I gave her a fake shocked face,

"You're not even ready!"

She rolled her eyes playfully, "Yeah, yeah, just hurry up already."

I smiled and went back into my room,

"Okay, makeup: check, wallet: check, iPhone charger: check." I said softly to myself as I read down my list.

My friends and family would make fun of me sometimes because I would make lists for practically everything. Was it bad to be organized? Once I was sure I had everything, I grabbed my suitcase, backpack, and  purse. I questioned a few times if I was bringing too much, but it never hurts to be prepared. 

As I brought my stuff over to the living room, my mom stood up and the front door opened, revealing my two best friends.


I said putting my stuff down so  could give them hugs,

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Oh please, you didn't think you could just leave for a month without saying goodbye the day of, did you?" Leah said, her curly brown hair falling loosely at her side. 

I laughed, "Of course not. But Ellie, I'm gonna see you in two weeks!" I said looking over at my other best friend.

"So? I still wanna say goodbye!"

Ellie, like me, was going to be visiting family in the East Coast. Lucky for us, our families planned only lived a town away from each other. So we planned to have a little reunion while we're over there. 

"Ugh, why couldn't you guys have family in Texas or Canada?" Lead pouted.

"Because that would make life way too easy for us now wouldn't it?" I teased. 

"Not to break up this fun little moment here, but I really need to get Lexi to the airport before traffic hits." 

"Okay, sorry Gabby." Leah said as she reached into her back pocket to grab something.

Sometimes I found it odd that my friends called my parents by their first name. But I guess that's what happens when you're parents are so young and they hate being called Mr. and Mrs. 

"I just want to give Lexi this bracelet before she leaves."

As she said that she placed it into my hands. 

"Leah it's so pretty! Where did you get it?"

I was already putting it on. It had thin leather straps that were attached to a small masquerade mask charm. 

"I found it online. Perfect, no?" She smiled at me.

And I knew all 3 of us were remembering my 18th birthday party last summer. It's tradition for Filipino girls to have this super huge coming out party when you're 18. Kind of like a Quince for Mexicans. Mine had been a masquerade theme. 

"Gosh that was an amazing night." Ellie said, clearly reminiscing. 

"Yes, yes it was fun. And I spent a ton of money. Now can we go?" My mom said impatiently but still lighthearted. 

I laughed, "Yes we can. Bye guys! Leah, I'll see you in a month and I'll Skype you when I'm free." I said turning to hug her.

I've been friends with Leah longer so it always sucked leaving her. 

"And Ellie, I'll miss you, but I'll see you in two weeks, ya?" She smiled at me. "See you then!"

We hugged and my mom and I started lugging my bags outside. 

"Girls, you're more than welcome to stay here while I take her." My mom called out as we walked to the car. 

"That was the plan!" they called back. 

I smirked getting in the car, waving at them. I was really going to miss them.

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