Teach me how to be a sexy chick

Jasmine is a young for her age 18 year old who acts like a little girly who has never had a boyfriend, but then she gets a phone call that could change her whole life


2. The first visit

"Jasmine, darling you need to get up and dressed in your best clothes because your friend is coming round later!" shouted Jasmine's mummy in her sweetest voice, Jasmine however did not even stir which was very unusual of her, she usually got up straight away but her mum was not worried about her because she knew that Jasmine was just tired so instead of calling her she whent up into her bedroom and shook her as gently as she could and as she suspected Jasmine woke up and knowing that she had to get changed into her best clothing she did so and then whent downstairs for some breakfast. Jasmine was very sleepy for she did not get much slep last night beacause she was thinking so so much about the girl who was coming round later that day




Note frome author: Hope you like it I will write more soon


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