Stephanie is four months prgenant, but here's the problem... She doesn't know who the father is. She loves two men at once and can't decide what to do. Should she just pick the father of the baby? Or the one she truely loves? Follow her through her love triangle.


3. Chapter 3

 "So who do you love more?" The interviewer asked me curiously. "You know," I said, "there are some things about both of them that I like and dislike." I moved my black hair out of my face. "Which is what?" Oh God, I knew he was going to ask me that. "I like how Harry sticks up for me, but he can be rude at times. As for Louis he is really kind, but he's a little too clingy." There was a long pause, until I coughed loudly to clear my throat. "Now we'll take some calls from the fans." The interviewer said. I looked over at the mute phone nervous as hell. I don't want them to insult me on the radio, which the whole state of California could hear. "Hello, my name is Jennifer. Have you ever considered on having an abortion?" My eyes widened. Can they seriously ask such personal questions? The interviewer gave me a nudge on the arm. "No I haven't. I'm part of the reason this happened, so I need to step up and take responsibility." After an excruciating thirty minutes of very personal questions, the interview was over. I grabbed my Coach purse then felt my phone vibrate. I glanced at my screen, it was Harry. "Hello?" I said awkwardly. Why would he be calling me? "Why did you set up that damn interview?" Harry asked angrily. "I was tired of everyone assuming." I started walking slower and slower. "You shouldn't have said half the shit you said. Next time fucking ask me!" I stopped in awe. "Excuse me? It's my life I have a say in what I do! Your'e not my father." I reached in my purse, searching for my car keys. "Oh yeah I'm not because I'm not in jail for killing my wife, and almost killing my daughter." Harry said. I finally found my keys, but dropped them. My large eyes started watering up. "Oh really Harry? You're going to bring my fucking father into this? Just because of a stupid interview?" Your'e such a dick." I picked up my keys and started pacing to my BMW. I opened my car door then slapped it furiously. I rested my pounding head on my steering wheel as I listened to him cuss me out. "...All you said about me in that interview was lies." I laughed while I wiped my smeared makeup off my pale face. "Oh really? No, those weren't lies Harry it was the truth. You know, even if you are the father I probably still won't pick you because all you do is stress me out. Nathen and I don't need that." I hung up the phone before I started getting even more stressed. I threw my phone on the passenger seat. All I thought while I was driving was my life. I started getting to into depth, so I sped home. I pulled up to my two-storied house, ran into the house, and to my room. I plopped onto my Queen bed. I eventually cried myself to sleep. I started dreaming about my father stabbing my mum repeatively in the chest. Then he realized I was watching from the crack of the door, so he chased after me. There was blood all over the floor from when he dragged my mum into their bedroom. I slipped on some...I woke up in a panic. Something didn't feel right. I felt uncomfortable. I looked down at my pajama pants to see them soaked in blood. I was bleeding... It can't be, a miscarriage?

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