Stephanie is four months prgenant, but here's the problem... She doesn't know who the father is. She loves two men at once and can't decide what to do. Should she just pick the father of the baby? Or the one she truely loves? Follow her through her love triangle.


2. Chapter 2

 I eventually got off the floor. I wobbled into the bathroom, then sat down on the toilet. I started rubbing my swollen feet. I glanced over at my make-up bag on the granite counter top. First I turned on the radio. Guess who was on? "That was 'Live While We're Young' by One Direction. I laughed lightly while I rubbed foundation on my glowing face. I was singing to the radio which was on blast, until my Iphone started vibrating. I looked at my screen and saw it was my mum. I put my phone up to my puny ear, "Hey mum! What's up?" I applied my light pink eyeshadow to my immense eyelids as I listened to her. "I'm heading out to the mall, and I was wondering if you wanted to come?" I ran my sizzling hot straightner through my jet black hair, "Sure! Can you pick me up in thirty minutes?" I brushed my teeth waiting for a reply. "Okay." I told her thanks, bye, and I love you before I hung up. I walked in my room, to my closet, and searched for what I am going to wear. I pulled out two outfit selections. My first outfit was a blue floral dress, a cream cardigan, and red heels. Or the second one which was a t-shirt, a red plaid button-up shirt, black sweats, and black Uggs. I decided to be comfy, so I went with outfit number two. I threw it on quickly. I heard a soft knock on the door. Looking through the peep hole I saw a girl with brown wavy hair and green eyes. She was wearing black sweats, a blue t-shirt, and black Uggs. She also had a Starbucks cup in her hand. That was my God mum. Right when I opened the door, all she could stare at was Nathen. While she was rubbing my bump she asked, "How are you doing? Are you feeling okay?" I replied with okay for both questions. Then we got in her cute, little red Slugbug. We talked about relationships, pregnancy, and life in general. The three things I need help with... We pulled into the parking lot after having intense conversations. "Can we stop by 'Baby Gap?' " I asked while getting out of the car. We were almost to the door when I stopped. I became out of breathe. "Yeah we can. Are you okay?" My mum asked curiously. I strived through and we managed to get inside the huge mall. First we shopped for clothes, then baby furniture, and lastly we ate in the food court. You want me to ge into depth? I really can't because everywhere I went 'directioner' kept asking my mum and I stupid questions. I hate all this questioning and confusion.So right when I got home I called a radio station, and scheduled an interview.

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