Stephanie is four months prgenant, but here's the problem... She doesn't know who the father is. She loves two men at once and can't decide what to do. Should she just pick the father of the baby? Or the one she truely loves? Follow her through her love triangle.


1. Chapter 1

 I sat down slowly as I studied the two guys that possibly got me pregnant. I rubbed my swollen which held the thing I love most. My baby, Nathen Lynn. The room was silent, until Harry said, "Well, what are we going to do until we find out who's the father?" I looked down at my black Nikes, unable to speak. "Well!?" Harry said in a pit of frustration. "I don't know! What do you expect me to say to that?" My hormones started to get the best of me because I started crying. "Mate, you shouldn't yell at her like that. Especially the state she's in." Louis stated. Louis grabbed some tissues for me. I took them, thanked him, and started wiping the mascare off my bright red face. "I wasn't meaning to yell at her, I'm just trying to figure out what we should do. Sorry..." Harry shifted in the black Wing Chair. "I need time to think." I said. "Okay I understand. Harry and I have to get to a video shooting for our new song 'Live While We're Young' " Louis said nonchalantly. Harry stood up timidly then walked towards me. I gave him a hug, my belly carved into his petite body. I pulled away quickly. Then Louis approached and put his massive hands on my bump. He smiled as Nathen kicked. I walked them to the door, "Bye guys... Have fun." I opened the door slowly. There stood over at least forty paperazzi taking pictures. Then they started asking questions like, "Who do you love more?" and "Who do you hope the father is?" I buttoned up my blue jacket while I watched Harry and Louis swim through the ocean of paperazzi. I shut the door loudly and sank down to the floor, sitting there thinking.

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