Marina-Raine, The Panem Chronicles

Marina-Raine is growing up and starts to uncover more of her family history. What she finds suprises her and leads her through Panem. She soon finds out the reality behind her Mother, Annie Odair's bed time tales...


1. Bed Time Tales

"100!" I said. Each night I brushed her hair 100 times or she wouldn't sleep. Then I made up a story about Finnick, Warrior of the Sea. Little Marina- Raine loved these stories, about mermen and merwomen however she didn't really understand, she didn't really know they were based on truth and she didn't really know the characters weren't just a figment of my imagination. She didn't really know Finnick was her father...


Marina-Raine ran across the pier, her laughter filled the chilly air. Her little feet clattered along the wooden structure that grew out of the silky grey sea. "Come on Annie!" She giggles hysterically. Marina called her mum by her real name, no one knew why it was just the way they worked. Annie hurried behind her daughter and swooped her up and spun round in a circle. Their dark, frizzy, curly hair getting tangled in the breeze. Marina asked her mum to tell her a story about Finnick the merman. Annie gazed out to the sea and put down her daughter. She went and sat on the edge of the pier staring at nothing. Today was the anniversary of Finnick's death. She looked up at her daughter and sighed. "We'll ok, but only if you’re a good girl and put on your coat, it's getting chilly!" She spoke softly as she pulled out a little , teal coloured coat. Marina-Raine slid her arms into the coat and sat down on the pier edge with her mother. Her little legs swung over the edge looking tiny against her mother’s long ones. They sat their together for a while. Annie reliving Finnick's memories and Marina listening to the best tale yet.

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