Three Billy Goats Rough

Another Ghetto retelling of a classic ... the Shame


3. Mama said knock you out.

" Bantam. Its about to kick off, big time" Mezzo said as he clocked, Ample across the river squaring off with the blue Troll.


" Let's back it!" Bantam shouted with a mouth full of green Weed. And ran towards Ample.


The blue Troll looked down at Ample. He was about two heads taller than the Goat!


" Listen you toby, I will end you." As soon as the words had flown through the Trolls lips, he unleashed a sluggish punch.


Ample didnt even attempt to move, but parried the attack mid flow and countered with a crunching head butt. Ample's fabulous horns crushed the blue Troll's  soft red nose and sent him spinning to the floor. 


 Bamtan walked up to the unconscious Troll heaped on the floor and squeaked -


" You got knocked the fuck out!"


" All my days. One hit. Just one hit " Mezzo repeated while laughing.


Ample smiled and said " Help me move him over there, and lets get baked!"


So the Billy Goats Rough moved the injuried Troll to the side of  the bridge. Then placed him in the recovery position.

The brothers clip clopped over the bridge with glee. Until they heard a gun being loaded.

To be precise a 9mm Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachinegun . Sure the Troll couldnt afford garms but he was able to buy a MP5

The Troll used one hand to stem the blood gushing from his nose, but held the MP5 steady in the other.


" Trust you to bring horns to a gun fight!" Growled the beast. Pointing his weapon of choice at the Billy Goats Rough .


" Dear sir, do you know its rude to point ." A gentle voice sang.


Bemused, the Troll turned to see who spoke such words. He was confronted with two hooves in mid air fastly approaching his face.

Mother Goat's Hooves connected firmly on the trolls chin breaking it on impact. The snapping noise  even made Ample wince.

The Troll and his MP5 flew straight into the river splash. Never to be seen again.


"Mummy!" The Brothers cheered.


" Bad back my ass." Bantam giggled.


" Init , I thought Ample was a Badman, but a double side kick to the face. Mum . Thats just too much " Mezzo chuckled.


" For real , Bruce Lee aint got jack on you Mama." Ample guffawed.


Mother Goat gave a stretch and held her sore back.


" Yeah Ive still got it " She winked.


So the three Billy Goats Rough and Mother Goat crossed the wooden bridge and ate the high grade Weed until their eyes were red. For medicnal purposes of course and lived happly ever after..








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