Cruelty and Frustration

Jazz is a 17 year old who thought she had a best friend but then realizes she is a massive bitch who wont leave her alone. Will it all work out or will her fake friend beat her up even more


2. Suprise

I was walking back from college and I heard someone screaming and because I would rather help than run I went to see what it was, it was a terrible sight these teenagers were beating up this other kid really badly and to my surprise some of the teenagers looked like Chloe's friends and even more to my surprise one of them looked like Chloe, but I knew Chloe wouldn't do anything like that she just wouldn't do anything as cruel as that to a little kid!

Later on that day Chloe came round for tea she had a few bruises and I asked her why and then she got angry and said " why don't you just mind your own business Jazz!" and then she stormed out leaving me confused and puzzled in the kitchen. The next I was walking home from college and thes teenagers with  black hoodies came up to me and started swearing " Oi bitch who the hell do you think you are, huh?!" shouted one of them, I don't know but I am pretty sure that one was a girl. But then it got even worse and then they started punching me really hard and kicking me shouting " You fucking bitch what the hell do you think you are doing here!", the girl was shouting "I am going to kill you one day Jazz!". But then a car suddenly pulled up and they all ran off as fast as they could, the person in the car ran across the road to come and see to her, I think he was trying to say something to me but I was not sure what because I was on the verge of fainting

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