Freya is an 18 year old girl who lives in New York city she is confused about her life about her boyfriend and whether she is in love or not she runs away from home for this boy but then has second thoughts. Freya meets another boy she has an affair with him. Love? Read it to find out


1. Him or Home

I am so so confused, what should I do???????????????????????? My boyfriend want's me to move in with him but my parents would never allow it and I am not too sure about it either I mean is he the one or is he just another boy to me, I don't know if I should run away to live with him or if I should ask permission or if I should just stay here with my parents.

Me and my friends have been discussing what I should do but none of them have been much help at all they keep changing subject every five minutes. My life is completely ruined it is really confusing me, should I stay or go. "So Freya have you asked your parents yet?" asked Jake, I didn't  know what to say should I tell him the truth or should I lie.......I should tell him the truth, "No I haven't sorry I know they won't let me so I thought there was no point asking!"said Freya, he got so upset so I decided that I had made up my mind to run away with him. "Jack, I have decided.......I will run away with you and I wont ask my parents at all!", that cheered him up ever so much.

That night I packed all of my clothes except the ones that I was going to wear for that week because I was not prepared to leave until the week was over, that was the deal I had made with Jack. It was so I could say goodbye to all of my friends and act good for my parents until I go

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