Loved you once, you you still...

Det her er et engelsk poetisk essay/digt.

Det er om kærlighed <3


1. Hele digtet.


I loved you once, love you still, always have, always will.

Du kan ikke skræmme mig, ikke få mig til at fortryde, du kan ikke skrive eller sige noget der får mig til at skride. Men jeg vil ikke jagte dig, hvis du ikke vil jagtes, men hvis det er tilfældet, så sig det. Ellers er jeg overbevist om at du vil.

Love is a game, and real love always win.

Don't end something before it began, don't give up on it, just keep going, I know you are trying, and it makes me cry of happiness, it's the most anyone has ever given me, so imagine, if this work out someday,. We could ending up saving 2 souls, and wwin eternal love and something worth fighting for, and love is a war, and life is hard, but keep in faith, and it will be worth it all along.

I love you more than you will ever know, I wish i someday can kiss your lips, and not remind you, of what they did to you, I wish to show you real love, passion and you cam be safe with me, I would never let anything happen to you, and if something happens, even when I'm not there, I will do anything to make you okay,  but you don't accept others help, and I understand why, but trust me, when I say, I would never harm you, never mean to do, never do under any presure, and never ever make or allow anyone to do it. I would trust you with my life, and you can trust me, what my heart says, is nothing my mind can break down, and nothing I want more, than you to be in my arms, I wish you and me could end up walking the earth together, and once let go of our past, and make the rest of life last, because you make me whole and complete, and that's the best way to feel!

Sleep well, dream nice, and don't let any bedbugs bite!

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