Middle of December

My first ever one-shot, it's very simple and not too fancy. Rating: T (probably).


1. Middle of December


It’s the middle of December. You’ve just came out of work and you’re on the tube, trying not to fall asleep. This week was absolutely exhausting and you’re glad it’s finally over. You can’t wait to cuddle up in your own bed and get some good night’s sleep. When you’re on your street, the snow starts falling harder and harder and when you reach your doorstep, you’re soaking wet and incredibly angry. If it wasn’t enough, you spend almost ten minutes looking for the keys in your bag. Completely irritated, you finally open the door and you step inside. You look around and it makes you a little surprised. You were expecting to see your house exactly as you left it, cold and empty. And now it’s warm, the fire is dancing happily in the fireplace. A big bunch of flowers is laying on the table. There are candles all around the place. The house is full of a nice, cosy scent. You smile because you realize it’s your fiancé Zayn who did all this. Then a familiar face pops out of the kitchen.

“You weren’t supposed to be back until next Friday” you say, laughing.

His face lights up with happiness. He comes up to you and gives you the best of hugs, and then places a kiss on your forehead.

“You’re soaking wet, love” he says, staring deeply into your eyes.

You look down, blushing. You always blush when he looks at you like that. He helps you take off your coat and your scarf. You get a weird sensation in your stomach every time his skin brushes yours. When he gets closer to you, you stand on your tiptoes to kiss him, but he cups your face and kisses your cold, red nose.

“Go and change, I don’t want you to get ill” he says with a shade of worry in his voice.

You sigh but you know there’s no point in arguing with him, so you go to the bedroom. Upstairs you realize how cold you are and you start shivering and your teeth chattering. You take off the wet jeans, shirt and jacket as fast as you can, throw on some sweatpants and a cosy sweater, pull up your hair in a bun and run downstairs. You know you don’t have to look breathtaking because he always thinks you’re beautiful, no matter what.

He says hello again, his grin even bigger this time. He seats you on the sofa, covers you up with a blanket without a word and then brings two mugs of steamy hot chocolate from the kitchen. You giggle because you suddenly feel like a teenage girl again.

He finally sits next to you. Touching his face is the only thing you want right now. You can’t take your eyes off of him. You finally get to look at these beautiful eyes, the wonderful eyelashes, the luscious lips that you love so much. You haven’t seen him for such a long time.

You can see in his hazel eyes that he’s feeling the exact same way.

“I’ve missed you so much” he whispers and you can feel shivers going down your spine.

“I’ve missed you too” you say and gently caress his cheek.

He closes his eyes for a second and when he opens them, you can see so much feelings in them. He finally leans in and cups your face.

“I love you” he says and then kisses you hard and deep. The whole world disappears when you wrap your arms around him. His lips are so soft, and they taste so beautiful. You can feel his strong hands all over you. You have yearned this for eight months.

“ Don’t ever leave me for so long, Zayn Malik.”

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