One day one girl/vampire was dug out from her coffin after three hundred years. She searched for clues about her past because she had completely forgotten what had happened from 6 years old to now.


4. Logan's Diary

Dear Diary,

Finally Isabella has been unburied by someone or something I can feel it, soon I will find her and make her my queen for she is as beautiful as a red rose, but I fear she does not remeber me or any other bit of her past because of being stuck in a coffin for three hundred years it is my fault but it had to be done otherwise I wouldn't know if she was the one from the prophecy but now I know she can become my queen. Herbrother will lead her to me without even noticing because he will be under my spell I stole from the witches! Then I shall kill him and make her my queen forever. If I am right and she does not remeber her past then she wil not Know that she is a vampire mabey even one of my own vampirettes.



I must feed and create an army of vamires and a bed full of vampirettes!!!!

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