One day one girl/vampire was dug out from her coffin after three hundred years. She searched for clues about her past because she had completely forgotten what had happened from 6 years old to now.


5. Jake's Diary

                                                                                                       7th of March 1866

Dear Diary,

I hope Isabella will believe me I really do otherwise I am afraid we will be caught by Logan, and he will make her his queen vampirette and his entire kingdom will be full of vampires, so that if any human dared enter the kingdom their blood wouldbe drainrd in seconds!

After hours of hoping........

Guess what! Guess what! She beleived me and is going to travel with me on one condition, I only let her drink animals blood and not  humans. She has already packed and is ready to go but she is now waiting for me to finish my pretend packing!

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