One day one girl/vampire was dug out from her coffin after three hundred years. She searched for clues about her past because she had completely forgotten what had happened from 6 years old to now.


2. Jake's Diary

                                                                                                                                      6th of March 1866


Dear Diary,

                 Isabella does not seem to remember me (her brother) after being buried by that jerk of a man Logan, somehow she has not aged so now I fear the worst for her I fear she has become a vampire like me or even worse one of  Logan's Vampirettes! It was me that dug her out from her grave and left the coins next to the coffin and I knew she would choose this hotel I do not know why but I just did. She knows that I have been watching her for she keeps looking at me and then turning away as quickly as possible. She went shopping the other day to try and get some clothes from this century, I think she was fed up of all the looks she was getting from everyone about what she was wearing.I wish she would remember me so that we could speak I am having debates in my head as to weather I should tell her or not, I am not sure if she will believe me or not though.............I do not have any more time to write I have decide to tell her and then we have to leave as soon as possible because Logan will probably know that she is not in her grave anymore!





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